RetroPost: A Blackened Friday

David Dunham laments the somber turn 2008’s Black Friday took, and sees himself in the crowd.

Catching Fire: Team Love Triangle or Team Dystopian Grit?

The second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy deals with romance as a possible symbolic hope.

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Harry Potter’s Sacrificial Friendships

Harry Potter returns to the screen, and this time it’s personal.

Outraged at Amazon?

Annoyed at Amazon for selling a book in favor of pedophilia? There’s more than meets the eye.

Bristol, We Have a Situation.

The Problem of Homelessness

What does it really mean to love “the least of these”?

RetroPost: Assassin’s Creed 2: Shot Through the Heart

A video game tackles religion head-on. The results are mixed.

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Discover the resources that inspire, provoke and delight us.

Veronica Mars: The Ugly Truth, Barely Sensationalized

A long-lost teen mystery drama tackles human nature dead on.

RetroPost: So You’ve Lost an Election…

Remember when Obama won that election? Wasn’t that crazy?

“Sister Wives”: Are We Really Loving to be Watching?

“Sister Wives” asks us to confront real questions about the limits of reality-television and how we can articulate Christianity in our own times.

The Problem With the “What The *Bleep* Church”

That famous church with the shocking sign sure got your attention, but at what cost?

Entering into a film like a child

The Nastiest Election Ever!(?)