The Most Popular Posts of 2010: #8 – Inception: Reality is Not a Game

Inception isn’t so abstract. It’s not about the future. It’s about the dangers we face here and now.

Four Crucial Technology Landmarks in 2010

Last year, the technological landscape changed in permanent and surprising ways.

Being Presidential

How to Think About Art

Most Popular Posts of 2010: #9 – The Lost Finale: All of This Matters

It’s not that we need to make sense of the finale. We need to make peace with it.

Meloncholy and the Infinite Madness: Tucson’s Horror and the Brokenness of Mental Illness

Why would someone do something like this, and can anything be done for such a person?

Art and Originality: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Thoughts on “Next to Normal”

Most Popular Posts of 2010: #10 – Glee’s Grilled Cheezus

Glee wonders if religion is beyond reason.

When Christians Listen to Rap

What happens when one Christian fan of “Mozart, monks, and medieval polyphony” listens to rap? It’s not pretty.

So you’re having a baby: Parenting tips from CaPC

Our Ten Favorite Books of 2010

Even George W. Bush finds his place between The Shallows and Incarceron.

Living the Christian Tension: Keller and VanDrunen on Christian Cultural Engagement

Two recent books explore the question of Christian involvement in the greater world culture.

Can an iPad Turn Me Into a Book Lover?

Book Recommendation: The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing by M. T. Anderson

Should We Care About Kinect?

Sure, Kinect is fun, but could it lead to something even better?