The Kiddy Pool: Loving Nature and Our Neighbors

“Because of the natural beauty our area affords, my daughter is growing up to revel in the beauty of all that God makes.”

Our Top Five Memes of 2011

Kirk Bozeman unveils the insane things that occupied our mind-space this year, thanks to the Internet.

Sacred Space: Politics at Church

“Finding friends, true friends, who disagree with you is a boon.”

The Moviegoer: “Young Adult” or Monster?

Reitman’s film aptly captures the ironic childishness of a certain kind of “young adult.”

Eat Your Vegetables: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

“I use this film to talk to my students about… the unknown knowns that orient our behavior in ways we’re never entirely cognizant of.”

Our Ten Favorite Video Games of 2011

Christ and Pop Culture writers share their favorite games of 2011.

Mixed Signals: Brands Want More Than Facebook Fans

“What tangible help is a high fan count when it only requires a quick click and no commitment?”

Music at Mars Hill: Most Anticipated Albums of 2012

Some of Luke’s most anticipated music releases of 2012.

When Games Matter: Skyrim’s Personal Deities

‘ . . . in this moment, Skyrim was working to encourage me to take this personally, to deal with the existence of a personal deity and determine how I would interact with it.”

Citizenship Confusion: Robert Spencer,, and Political Nihilism

“Unfortunately, many Christians have adopted this nihilism, leading to the perpetuation of lies, hatred, and abuse.”

The Kiddy Pool: But Wait…There’s More: The Twelve Days of Christmas

“if the buildup to Christmas leaves you feeling worn out, take heart in the ancient traditions that remind us that there’s always more.”

Our Favorite Five Books of 2011

Carissa Smith shares an idiosyncratic list of the best five books of 2011.