God and Country Music: Tradition, Innovation, and Old Crow Medicine Show

“… to bring something timeless into a timely place and make it savory is to let that which is timeless change you.”

Invisible Ethics in the Tour de France

The notion that the Tour’s honor system may be superficial is certainly disturbing.

The Kiddy Pool: Raising an Olympian

“Most of the athletes competing in the Olympic games will come home to families and work and fade out of the spotlight that this season brings.”

Sacred Space: Saving Your Pastor From Himself

“Pastors, especially evangelical ones, seem particularly vulnerable to ‘know it all’ syndrome.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Elections in the Age of Microtargeting

“Microtargeting puts us in danger of voting blindly for a candidate.”

The Chick-fi-Asco: Why Boycotts are Awful

Alan Noble sorts through a few half-truths about Chick-fil-A to show why proxy culture wars are bad for everyone.

Under the Sun: The Health Care Debate, Then and Now

A political narrative and a religious narrative help provide much needed historical context for the health care debate.

The Minority Report: Dark Nights and American Terrorism

“We don’t shoot each other for religious or political reasons anymore–we shoot each other for no reason at all.”

The Holy Huddle: Commentary on the Penn State Sanctions

What are we to think of the PSU sanctions?

Music at Mars Hill: Is Worship Just about Style Preferences?

“The way a church chooses to spend its time of worship will often answer questions before people even hear even one word of a sermon or doctrinal confession.”

The Dark Knight Rises and Truth Has its Day

Can Batman succeed at leveraging darkness to pursue the light?

God and Country Music: The Politics of The Dixie Chicks & American Christianity

“Regardless of political beliefs, we need to discuss, dialogue and ask questions instead of blacklisting.”

The Kiddy Pool: Christmas in July

“Christmas in July assures me that Emmanuel is a year-round gift that transcends liturgy and history and makes all time extra-ordinary.”

Citizenship Confusion: How the Culture Wars Lost Me, Or, The Family Research Council Appoints Gen. Jerry Boykin Ex. VP

“The appointment of Gen. Boykin by FRC reminds us that deceptive, radical, conspiratorial politics does not just happen at the fringe.”

Under the Sun: Michael Salman’s Attorney and the Christian Legal Movement

Recent headlines provide the ingredients for a Christian litigant stew, and John Whitehead is stirring the pot.

Mixed Signals: B-cycle Bike Sharing Checks American Dream Excesses

Interestingly enough, there are companies emerging that offer us the ability to share the things that we aren’t using every minute of every day.