The Holy Huddle: Disunity at the Olympic Trials

“Attitudes that breed disunity have no place within the Christian community.”

The Kiddy Pool: Waiting on Faith and a Fictional Goose

“So much of church liturgy is about waiting, and my toddler is practicing with more patience than I am able to muster.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Staying Informed—and Sane—During Election Season

“Americans who have tuned out politics can continue doing so only to their own detriment.”

Sacred Space: Towards Freedom of Religion, for Everyone

“If you only believe in the freedom of religion for yourself and those who think like you, then you do not believe in the freedom of religion.”

Mixed Signals: Jedi Mind Tricks of Advertising Really Do Work

Truly good advertising works so well that people don’t even realize what hit them.

Music at Mars Hill: Songs from the Whirlwind

“Rhythm and Repose is a good go-to album for wretched times since it admits things are turbulent but insists on preserving hope and love.”

The Holy Huddle: Football, Playoffs, and Fairness

“A four-team playoff is a good step toward fair, but not the leap that fans desire.”

The Female Gaze: A Time for Justice

“What kind of a nation are we if we cannot protect our own?”

The Separation of Church and Patriotism

Honoring your country does not mean offering it a pinch of incense on the altar.

The Moviegoer: “Moonrise Kingdom” and the Covenant Ties that Bind

“‘Moonrise Kingdom’ mirrors the Noah story in that the floods of judgment bring about re-creation, a fresh harvest which yields quality crops — and relationships.”

The Kiddy Pool: Having It All…Or Not

“It is still anathema is this culture — where ‘having it all’ gets defined by material success and social prestige — to simply be content.”