Hudson Valley Weather: Good Neighbors

Preaching and Preachiness: A Reflection on ‘Parks and Recreation’

“. . . a lot of us are guilty of making canned arguments designed only to further entrench those who already agree with us against those don’t.”

The Painful Work of Forgiveness

“I’d highly recommend that you wait until you have some time alone before reading this. Unless, that is, you don’t mind others seeing you get teary-eyed in public.”

How “Zombie Jesus” Guides Us through the Postmodern Apocalypse

“The presence of a satirical religious figure at some of the Zombie Walks provides hints that these events can at times reveal more than an expression of fun or performance art.”

The Feedback Loop: Looking Back In Anberlin’s Vital

“But when I listen to Vital as a whole, I can’t help but forget all that and remember the music that my 16 year old self was passionate about.”

Living in Community is Hard, Beautiful Work

“If we truly love one another — if we truly seek to be His disciples — then we ought to be gladly willing to do the hard work of building community.”

Hurricane Sandy Reminds Me that I Enjoy a Good Natural Disaster, Because I’m a Terrible Human Being

“We are entertained by Hurricane Sandy.”

Feminine Appeal: You Don’t Have to Be a Sexy Crayon for Halloween

Hurricane Sandy Checklist: Love Thy Neighbor

“Emergency situations require preparedness beforehand and the acting out of our faith during and afterward, to show our love for our neighbors as we do for ourselves.”

This Is Your Brain on Prayer

Rituals of meditation, prayer, service, moral acts, and so on do nothing for bringing the dead to life.

Ethical Dilemmas Arise When You Turn Science Fiction into Reality

Once again, something that once was squarely in the domain of science fiction has crossed the line over into reality.

Don’t Vote: An Alternative to American Politics

Nick Rynerson takes a look at the history and value of Christian political disengagement.

This Surprising Presidential Race

Frequently Searched Questions: Halloween Edition

Civil Discussion: Foreign Policy, Finality, and FASHION!!!

“These days if the other guy ties his shoe with a bow, you have to act shocked and then extol the virtues of the double knot.”

The Moviegoer: Movie Making and the Politics of the Exfiltration Thriller