Video Games, Mementos, and Material Reminders of What’s Important

What Does Spotify Really Mean for Musicians?

The irony, though, is that those who benefit the least from these services are those who make the services’ existence, popularity, and even necessity possible.

Navigating a Complex Middle East Situation in the Midst of Assassination

Good OK-Drama: Queen In Hyun’s Man

Dads: The New Video Game Heroes

“How interesting would it be if video games turn out to be tools that challenge us and cause us to think about the role and impact of fathers in the lives of their wards?”

Recording & Recovering Childhood in Sam Billen’s ‘Places’

Jason Morehead explores the recollections of childhood memories found in the music of Sam Billen.

The Feedback Loop: The Politics and Theology of Macklemore

“Because to Macklemore, it’s not only about a law. It’s about the attitude. It’s the posture of our hearts toward our neighbors.”

Sufjan Stevens breathes some fresh air into Christmas music with “Silver & Gold”

“By turns silly and serious, reverent and irreverent, traditional and experimental, Sufjan’s Christmas music handily transcends that schmaltz that so often passes for Christmas music these days.”

Rod Dreher: “Apocalypticism is a narcotic among millions of American Christians”

Rod Dreher responds to a Texas megachurch pastors’ comments regarding Obama and the Antichrist.

Feminine Appeal: The Casualties of Casual Sex

” What is this newfangled thing of which you speak?! Marriage?”

Dad Vs. Zombie

“It’s telling how much these games recognize the power of fatherly love and the sacrificial acts fathers will make to defend their families.”

The Kiddy Pool: Mighty Oaks from Acorns Grow

“. . . mixed with that fragility is a gracefulness that speaks to the eloquence of a Creator whose handiwork implores us to look around and marvel like artists, scientists, and little children.”

Mixed Signals: Orange Juice Is Good But Not Omniscient

The Next Archbishop of Canterbury is an oil executive. And maybe that’s a good thing.

Reinventing Their Exit: Reflections on the Music of Underoath

Kiel Hauck explains how a metal band redefined a genre, confronted spirituality with masterful artistry, and changed his life forever.

Are Your Friends to Blame for Your Bad Choices?