I Hate Writing About Sex

Wouldn’t it be nice to drop all this unpleasantness? Unfortunately, we can’t.

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A New Gospel-Inspired Peace in Honduras

“For my family, to gain their country back from the gangs is a small preview of the day when ‘Violence shall no more be heard in your land, devastation or destruction within your borders; you shall call your walls Salvation, and your gates Praise.'”

Citizenship Confusion: Valedictorian Prays but Should Christians Rejoice?

“When prayer is reduced to a political protest in order to defend our right to pray to God in public, is it truly worth fighting for?”

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Marriage is about more than maintaining bliss and getting things done. Its about the gospel.

Damaged Goods & Thoughtless Unloading: Stop Giving Broken or Useless Junk to Disaster Areas

“When people’s lives have been ripped apart, the last thing they need is another bag of damaged goods to deal with.”

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Is Arrested Development Just a Funny Show and Nothing More?

The problem is not that these critics are reading something where there is nothing; there is never “nothing”.

The Scandal With ‘Scandal’: It Doesn’t Do A Better Job Of Tackling Racial Differences

“The scandal of Scandal is that it could do so much more to spark discussions about racial differences, but instead it chooses to color the show in shades that all blur everyone together to look the same.”

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