Downton Abbey: Bring the Light

Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew, Grant Hill as Uncle Tom: The Problematic Myth of the “Authentic” Black Experience

Kyrie Irving serves as a reminder that the adjective “authentic” is always a poor supplement to race.

‘M*A*S*H’ and the Military Brat

‘Flowers in the Attic’ and the Allure of the Dark

“I am grateful for God’s story that captured me away from both the saccharine sweet of teen romance and the luring dark of the gothic fairytale.”

How “Happy Days” Made Me (Horrible)

We are shaped by the visions of the Good Life that we meditate on and that are most aesthetically pleasing, whether it’s Happy Days or Shakespeare.

#Instagrown: In an Age of Instantaneous Everything, What Happens to Adolescent Yearning?

Teenagers are often labeled as easily distracted cowards who hide from face to face interaction behind their smartphones. But to call them cowards is to entirely misunderstand the situation.

Spectacularly Trivialized: “Teen Mom 2” and Abortion as Entertainment

“Converting these women’s formative experiences into entertainment for public consumption is irresponsible; adding abortion to the mix is reprehensible.”

My Son’s Martin Luther King Day Question: “Daddy, Can We Teach the Bad Guys Goodness?”

Brain Death and Dialogue: What Two News Stories Can Teach Us about Responding with Grace

Ask Uncle Brad: “My Dad is a Culture Warrior” (Plus: Daniel Diet, Correcting the Internet)

“When your dad goes into full-on culture warrior mode, he signs you up for the draft.”

Journey Through the Judgement House

Martyn Jones visits a “Judgement House” designed to scare people into acknowledging their mortality, and is startled by what he finds.

Culture Warriors Crying Wolf

How the Church Resegregated Schools in the South

We like to imagine segregation is ancient history. Tyler Glodjo reminds us it’s not.

Downton Abbey: Things We’ve Lost

Marijuana Legalization in Black and White: The Racial Cost of the Status Quo

While it may seem quite simple that Christians should be against legalization, are we willing to accept that there may be serious costs to its prohibition as well?

The Kiddy Pool: Teaching Good Taste

“A steady diet of highly-processed, mass-produced junk food dulls the palate until we don’t really know what we’re tasting any more.”