Live by the Screen, Die by the Screen: The Perils of Reality TV

In the end, the problem with reality shows doesn’t come with measuring the moral values of the Kardashians, or the Robertsons, the Duggars or the idol in American Idol. The problem is the rest of us.

Seeing and Believing: EX MACHINA + SLOW WEST

‘Daredevil,’ Hell’s Kitchen, and the Good Samaritan

Daredevil is a Good Samaritan: he stops at the side of the road, helps a stranger, and makes community out of brokenness.

LOL Interwebz: To Err Is Humean

To say something is a “downer” is to say we wish it was otherwise; but how am I able to imagine a world without evil when a world full of evil is all I’ve ever known?

Burn After Listening: Dylan Goes Electric (50 Years Later)

The CAPC Digest #16: Summer Movie Spectacular with Wade Bearden and Kevin McLenithan

Persuasion: Green Acres: The Place to Be

Listening Closer: The Power of Particularity, Part One – Josh Garrels

When I hear Garrels sing so fervently, he lifts up timeworn images and reinvests them with passion. As far as that goes, it’s a noble endeavor. But, speaking for myself, I want to hear something more than passion—I want to hear personality. I want to hear some threads in the tapestry that come from the loom of his own experience and imagination.

From Henry to Hip Hop: Baptists and the Return to Culture

The Christian hip-hop artist and the Christian politician both testify to God’s grace in Christ.

Sunday Oldskool: Physics on Paper with Eons D

CAPC Members Only Podcast #14: The Wire Spoilercast with Dr. Myles Werntz

“All of Me Wants All of You”: Sufjan Stevens’s Manelich and Broken Love

Sufjan Stevens’s obscure reference to Manelich is a key element in understanding how he sees his relationship with his mother Carrie.

Seeing and Believing: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

LOL Interwebz: Eight Princess Movie Ideas I Will Gladly Sell to Disney for a Million Dollars Each

It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t have to be not-embarrassingly-neocolonial, and it doesn’t even have to be especially marketable; you just put the word “Princess” in the title, and the marketing takes care of itself!

The CAPC Digest #15: The Unchanging Gospel in a Changing Culture with Jerry McCorkle

Mad Men: Longing to Be Known

Is life just a revolving door? Mad Men suggests it is, and it isn’t.