Listening for Echoes of God in mewithoutYou’s ‘Pale Horses’

Though they may come out at a different place than evangelical Christians would, that shouldn’t mean you can’t listen to their albums.

Listening Closer: Beauty, Beats, and Blues in the Girlhood

Novelist and rapper, Kate Tempest, and filmmaker, Céline Sciamma, open us up to stories far different from ours in “Theme for Becky” and ‘Girlhood,’ respectively

A Theology of Vacation

Few of us realize that God actually intended vacation, or rest, to be a part of our pattern of life.

Sunday Oldskool: “Holy Ghost” by A$AP Rocky

Theory Hazit’s “Unforgivable”: Are There Limits to God’s Grace?

Like Theory Hazit, my life as I knew it was annihilated forever by my sinful choices, but God’s grace wasn’t limited.

Seeing and Believing: Inside Out and Pixar

The CAPC Digest #18: Living Local with Kyle Worley

Computer Brains, Mind Trips, and the Ugliness of Myopia

We see what we want to see. The only obvious exception in recent memory is the family members of the shooter’s victims, who stood up at his preliminary court hearing and publicly forgave him.

We the Veeple: Politicians Are People Too

Our politicians are not wizards, super villains or even tricksters.

My Experience with the Women’s World Cup: An Evolution of Womanhood and Community

When your expectations for womanhood are formed without any real concept of what womanhood means, there are bound to be discrepancies.

Persuasion: Let Me Be a Woman

Listening Closer: In Memory of Nine Children of God

Several songs on Nathan Partain’s ‘Jaywalker’ came just in time to help me find the words that I—and maybe others—might need as some kind of medicine for an angry, aching heart.

Within a Dark Woods Where the Straight Way Is Lost: Listening to Torres and Reading Jamie Quatro

The deeper question about art is why and how we engage in works that are ambiguous and conflicted on matters of conscience.

Sunday Oldskool: “Lucifer”

Call for Pitches: Transformation through Film

Write for our magazine! Submit a pitch for a feature article on the theme of “Transformation through Film.”

Sir Christopher Lee: Exploring Evil for the Sake of Greater Goodness

The late actor believed in showing the tragic horror yet also the willfully evil of his onscreen villains.