Sunday Oldskool: “Blood on the Leaves” by Kanye West

Much Screaming, Very Scary: Why We Want to Believe a Mexican Demon Is Answering the #CharlieCharlieChallenge

There’s a sense of magic and awe to the Charlie Charlie challenge that can feel lost in the dos and don’ts, the apologetics and arguments over politics in the church.

LOL Interwebz: God Money Don’t Want Everything, He Wants It All

God commands us to rest. It’s not just good advice or a rule of thumb; its a command.

Letters and Life: On Being a Writer and a Christian, Free for CAPC Members

An artist is both a creator and citizen in a worship relationship to God.

The CAPC Digest #17: A Reality TV Postmortem with S.D. Kelly

A Matter of Conscience: Can We Always Let Our Conscience Be Our Guide?

It is from this mixed bag of conscience that we make the best choices we can, given what we know in the moment.

As ‘Game of Thrones’ outpaces its source material, what’s the cost of its ongoing narrative?

It’s hard to see how the show can add anything worthwhile to Martin’s established world.

Persuasion: The Hard Work of Rest

Call for Pitches: Vacation

Listening Closer: The Power of Particularity, Part Two – Dustin Kensrue

“Of Crowns and Crows” may not reach the heights of artistry, but it’s real. It’s human. And most unusual of all, it’s a testimony of fidelity and constancy.


Your self, your property, your sense of order, everything you have, everything you are, all changed by Christ coming into your temple and flipping over all your stuff.

Sunday Oldskool: “Best Friend” by Yelawolf