Seeing and Believing Episode 58: A Conversation with the Authors of ‘How to Survive the Apocalypse’

‘How to Survive the Apocalypse’ authors Alissa Wilkinson and Robert Joustra join Wade and Kevin to talk about the apocalyptic genre as Christin filmmaking.

LOL Interwebz: A Eulogy and a Thanks

Christ and Pop Culture writer Luke T. Harrington says farewell to LOL Interwebz.

The CAPC Digest #51: The Contours Of Hillsong Corporate Worship with David Roark

Hillsong corporate worship, authenticity in worship and the appreciation of different worship traditions are the subject as Drew and Tyler interview David Roark.

The 25 Episode 10: ‘The Rainbow Comes and Goes’, The Local Church, and Barbie Savior

Erin Straza and Brian Gregory Thomas join host Jonathan Clauson to debate between the three nominees: The Rainbow Comes and Goes, The Local Church, and Barbie Savior.

Call for Writers

Want to write for Christ and Pop Culture?

Persuasion Episode 55: The Farm to Table Fairy Tale

Erin and Hannah talk about the farm to table fairy tale and what our eating standards say about our identity.

Touchdown Jesus: In the NFL Draft, Does Function Trump Value?

During the draft process, the NFL is often exclusively concerned with a person’s functional worth. Is this justified? I’m not sure.

‘Star Wars Rebels’ and the Challenge of Trusting in God (and the Force)

Why should I trust a God who lets me go through such things? Why should I believe that God’s got me covered?

Fulfillment Lessons Learned from a Doctor-to-Be

“How can I serve these people? How can I serve this place?” This is the path toward fulfillment.

Love Conquers All in ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’

In ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’, love conquers all and never fails.

The CAPC Digest #50: The Difficulty with Family with S.D. Kelly

Tyler and Drew chat with S.D. Kelly about the difficulty with family and Drew Barrymore’s recent divorce.

Panel Discussion: ‘Black Panther’ Reveals Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Multi-Medium Mastery

Ta-Nehisi Coates wants to see if comic books can handle the load that we often attribute to higher forms of intellectual activity.

The Next Page: ‘The Importance of Being Little’, or Let the Little Children Come

Trusting children and young adults to be creative and thoughtful, and getting out of the way so they can actualize their visions, is a messy and uncomfortable process.

Ecovillage’s ‘All the Colors Speak of You’: Musical Stillness, Free for CAPC Members

Ecovillage’s ‘All the Colors Speak of You’ is an exclusively curated album for Christ and Pop Culture members

Touchdown Jesus: Revenge of the Jocks

The sports world will be one of the last places where a nerd with confidence is tolerated.

Magic, Closer to Home: N. D. Wilson’s ‘Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle’

N. D. Wilson’s ‘Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle’ can awaken in you a childlikeness that perhaps you have forgotten.