Persuasion: Judged by Your Language

Feeling judged by your language? Erin and Hannah talk about how we can judge people by the words they use instead of the words we think they should use.

Voting for Donald Trump Is Not the Only Conservative Option

The moral pragmatism which says that we must vote for Trump because anything else is a vote for Clinton is a false choice.

Scars That Bleed and Wounds That Heal

Christ’s suffering on the cross accomplished everything I ever hoped to achieve in drawing my own blood.

Seeing and Believing Episode: AMC’s ‘Preacher’ And Lanthimos’ ‘The Lobster’

Wade and Kevin take a look at the premiere of AMC’s latest television show, Preacher and review the latest dark comedy from Yorgos Lanthimos, ‘The Lobster.’

Real God, Messy People: Christians and ABC’s ‘The Real O’Neals’

‘The Real O’Neals’ holds up Christian assumptions about family and faith before our eyes, forcing us to evaluate their efficacy.

The CaPC Digest: Politicians Are People Too

Politicians are people too though you might forget that in the current political climate. Amanda Wortham joins Drew and Jonathan to remind us of this fact.

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Is a Messy Film Trying to Say Something about God

While previous installments of the X-Men cinematic franchise center on humanity’s troubled relationship with mutants, Apocalypse shifts its focus to the mutants themselves.

The 25 Episode 14: Chewbacca Mom, ‘Star Wars Rebels: Season 2’, and The Babylon Bee

Chewbacca Mom, Star Wars Rebels: Season 2, and The Babylon Bee are all vying for the 15th spot on the Christ and Pop Culture 25 for 2016.

Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Soucy’s Wayword: A Liturgy for the Digital Age

With the release of Wayword, the band Mr & Mrs. Garrett Soucy gives listeners a stripped-down liturgy that is perfect for the digital age.

Persuasion Episode 59: Being a Better Listener with Adam S. McHugh, Author of ‘The Listening Life’

Touchdown Jesus: Baylor’s Need for a Lingering Repentance

Carrying on with business as usual when something has gone terribly wrong is only playing at goodness—a sour imitation of the real thing.

Defending the Personhood of Politicians

The first step in overcoming the exhaustion of politics is to subvert the game and refuse any kind of engagement with propaganda that reduces a person to a pawn.

Christians and Plastic Surgery

If cosmetic plastic surgery is morally neutral, and if it is feasible that God would not just permit, but even lead one of His children to have it done, then how do I respond?

Sunday Oldskool Episode 92: Hiatus

Sunday Oldskool is hitting the pause button.

Seeing and Believing: ‘Last Days In The Desert’ and ‘High-Rise’

‘Last Days In the Desert’ and the human depiction of Jesus is discussed by Wade and Kevin followed by a discussion of Tom Hiddleston’s ‘High-Rise’.

‘Chef’s Table’ and Our Eternal Hunger

At its heart, Chef’s Table is about the chefs’ spiritual appetites and how they seek to satiate their inner hungers.