The CAPC Digest: The Needed Moral Conviction of Baylor with Val Dunham

Tyler Burns is running the show with special guest Val Dunham as they talk about her article, “Baylor’s Need for a Lingering Repentance.”

Love and Friendship : An Ode to the Antihero

While Love and Friendship dishes up the antihero antics with panache, it becomes something truly special when it takes us into unexpected thematic territory.

The 25 Episode 17: ‘The Lobster’, Ross Macdonald’s Three Novels, and Bill Cunningham

The nominations for inclusion on the prestigious #25 include black comedy ‘The Lobster’, ‘Ross Macdonald: Three Novels of the Early 1960s’, and the late fashion photographer and cultural observer Bill Cunningham.

Trump and the Consequences of Being a Single-Issue Voter

The real pro-life movement, the work of building a culture that respects human life, must happen from the bottom up, not the top down.

The Power of Power

The world needs us to use our power to expand God’s Kingdom for those who are lesser and least.

The Political Fallout of Cheating Death

‘Fallout 4’ can serve as a commentary about the ability of technology to enhance or destroy human flourishing.

Seeing and Believing Episode 65: ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘Almost Holy’

Almost Holy and Finding Dora are the two films that Wade and Kevin are diving into this week.

Obama, Cosby, and America’s Black Family

I’ll thank God that President Obama is a faithful leader of his family, in the midst of my concerns about how he would, and did, lead our country.

Tragedy and the Balm of Silent Lament

What’s often lost in our desire for a better, safer world is compassion, empathy, and a shared sense of grief.

The 25 Episode 16: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Bourdain, and ‘Love and Friendship’

The Kiddy Pool: Waiting for Dory

And Finding Dory is a film that celebrates Dory as the arrow who flies just as much as it celebrates her parents as the stable bow.

Removing the Mask of Loneliness With Majora’s Mask

The loneliness derived from my own anger and bitterness only lasts for as long as I want it to.

Finding Ability in Finding Dory

How do we see disability in others? How do we see it in ourselves? The film ‘Finding Dory’ challenges our perception of disability in entertaining and compelling Pixar fashion.

Persuasion: Diffusing Our Fear of Math

Do you have a debilitating fear of math? Erin and Hannah talk to Wendy Alsup in order to have a new way to frame our base approach to the numbers.

Call for Pitches: Pop Culture Cults

Write for our magazine! Submit a pitch for a feature article on the theme of “pop culture cults.”

Faith and Fear in the Food Wars: Biotechnology’s Role in Redeeming the Cursed Ground

Those who aren’t “eating clean” or “going organic” often feel guilty about it.