Nordic Noir Reveals That Earth’s Happiest Nations Are Not as Utopian as They Seem

Nordic noir’s bone-chilling revelation is that no matter how far we progress as a society, we are limited and weighed down by our corrupt natures.

Overcoming Passivity to Be God’s Peacemakers

The life of the peacemaker is full of grace and work, urgency and patience, purpose and hope. May it be so for us.

Seeing and Believing: Theodore Melfi’s Hidden Figures and M. Night Shyamalan’s Split

Wade and Kevin are split between two films this week: Theodore Melfi’s Hidden Figures and M. Night Shyamalan’s Split.

Less Is More? What Minimalism Can (and Can’t) Teach Us

Minimalism shows us that owning more stuff cannot satisfy, but the idea of minimalism by itself will not satisfy in the long term either.

The Severed Puritan Head That Traveled the World

Like Oliver Cromwell, people have a tendency to become the things they hate.

Patriots Day and the Discomfort of Community

Patriots Day serves as a sharp reminder that community is, in many ways, inorganic, uncomfortable, and difficult.

Power Plays in Masterpiece’s Victoria

Can Jesus be with Queen Victoria as she struggles to find the right man in a court filled with uncles and male cousins who just want to control her?

A Question I Hope Ronda Rousey Is Asking Right Now

Ronda Rousey lost again, but that doesn’t make her worthless.

Persuasion: The Stubborn Shall Change the Earth?

Stubborn people can be so annoying, right? They won’t let anything go. Erin and Hannah discuss Nick Stafford’s amusing case and then ponder if the stubborn shall change the Earth?

Silence’s Roar: Scorsese’s Latest Is a Kaleidoscope of Faith and Doubt

Silence’s commitment to authenticity and deep exploration of martyrdom make it a vital watch for all audiences.

CAPC Magazine, January 2017: ‘Your Best Year Now’

Certainly 365 days is long enough to craft and create the life we’ve always wanted. Right?

Call for Pitches: And the Winner Is…

Write for our magazine! Submit a pitch for a feature article on the theme of “And the Winner Is…”

Interpret Carefully: Balancing Caution and Hope in Responding to Shusaku Endo’s Novel Silence

If there is a faithful interpretation of Endo’s Silence, it comes because the martyrdoms of the Japanese Christians and Garrpe may successfully testify against the self-justifications Rodrigues offers for his apostasy.

Death and the Limits of Online Friendships: Beth Hall Mitchell

Beth’s witness shows that “real” community, with vulnerability and obligations and joy and weeping and love, can exist wherever people are willing to use words to bear with one another over time.

Seeing and Believing: J.A. Bayona’s A Monster Calls and Babak Anvari’s Under the Shadow

Wade and Kevin dive into a vat of familial trauma this week with ‘A Monster Calls’ and ‘Under the Shadow’.

Gotta Dance: La La Land and Singin’ in the Rain Celebrate Calling and Creativity

It’s good to be reminded that when we find the thing we were made to do and learn to do it well, that can indeed bring incredible joy and fulfillment.