How Well Does Star Trek: Discovery Reflect Real Humanity?

Two of our staff writers discuss the new Star Trek series.

Persuasion 114: Pie Is the New Cupcake

Pie is the new Cupcake! A pie craze has descended upon us! Pie bars and diners are all the rage, ending the lengthy reign of the cupcake. Is this good news?

The Kingdom of God Is Like a Sticky Movie Theater Floor and a Neighborhood Concert

When people are wary of the church, these places show us what community can be: parties, music, good food, experiencing a good story, and the careful art of negotiating communal relationships.

Seeing and Believing 126: Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 and Reginald Hudlin’s Marshall

Wade and Kevin sit down to review the new sequel to Ridley Scott’s classic Blade Runner and awards-season hopeful, Marshall.

‘Sit with Me’: Currents of Grief in Wind River

When systems have failed and injustice abounds, will I turn away from those left in the wake of grief, unable to abide their pain if I cannot fix it, or will I offer them my presence, quiet and alongside?

The CaPC Digest 87: On Kendrick Lamar with R. S. Naifeh

Drew and Tyler host CaPC guest R.S. Naifeh, to discuss his article on Kendrick Lamar’s work, theology, and cultural perception.

Rethinking the Rainbow: Hope after Miscarriage

Not all women who walk through miscarriage will hold a rainbow baby.

The Last Days of Brand New

Science Fiction is an album about the end: of relationships, of life, of Brand New.

Shedding Summer Skin

The nostalgia, wistfulness, and ache that Death Cab conjures up in the hearts of listeners is like no other.

The Ladder That Pretty Much Only Jesus Can Move

Christianity was unusually unified at the time the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built, but things have been falling apart (literally and figuratively) ever since then.

Seeing and Believing 125: A Blade Runner Retro Review and Doug Liman’s American Made

The guys review the new film American Made, and then a retro review of Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic, Blade Runner, in anticipation of the upcoming sequel.

What The Sound of Music Reveals about Our Flawed Character(s)

Engaging stories as a Christian means I don’t just cheer for the hero, but I consider what the flawed characters—and even the villains—reveal about myself.

Persuasion 113: How to Avoid a Scuffle in a Foreign Land

How to Avoid a Scuffle in a Foreign Land: Erin and Hannah recap a tourist debacle in Nepal and talk humility toward people you encounter for the first time.

Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! Gives Us the Weak, Ineffectual God We Think We Want

The most heartbreaking part of this deeply disturbing film is that Aronofsky’s vision of God hardly varies from that of most Christians.

Wisdom in the Summer Garden

Unlike the pitcher, the gardener cannot rely on her own strength to get her very far. Can she, after all, cause a seed to sprout?