Grieving the Gentrification of Food

It is over food that we relax, share our stories, our hopes, and often our dreams; we debate politics and argue sports over drinks and snacks; it can be argued that when food is present, we are most human.

White Awake by Daniel Hill, Free for CAPC Members

White Awake brings us back again and again, gently but inexorably, to the truths that we’re so unwilling to face, steadily prying our hands from our eyes.

Better Call Saul and the Ache for Approval

In Better Call Saul, James and Charles McGill mirror the relationship of the two brothers from the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

The Saint Who Baptized Herself in a Tank of Rabid Sea Lions

Having thus cheated death twice, you might think that Thecla would abandon Christianity in favor of staying alive, but of course you’d be wrong.

Seeing and Believing 149: Infinity War Review and the Top 5 MCU Moments

A spoiler free review of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ from Wade and Kevin along with their Top 5 MCU moments from the previous 18 films.

The CaPC Digest 89: At Peace and War with Manhood with Abby Perry and Kathryn Watson

Drew Dixon is joined by Abby Perry and Kathryn Watson to discuss the conflicting ideas of “manhood” in evangelicalism from their co-authored article, Rearing Boys to Be Peacemakers in a World Bent on War.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the Unrelenting Optimism of Jake Peralta

Better to live life as a heroic optimist, desiring and expecting good, flourishing, and well-being in and for others.

What the Rise of Time Traveler “Confession” Videos Says About How We View Reality

The convenience of fake news (and current “time travel” stories) may have increased exponentially in recent years, but the tendency for wishful thinking to override our commitment to reality has always been with us.

Persuasion 132: Earth-Friendly Fashionistas

As if keeping up the latest in fashion isn’t overwhelming enough, now you need to consider if your fashion habits are ruining the planet. A conversation is stirring in the fashion industry about environmentally conscious fashion practices.

An Ode to Magazines (the Paper Kind)

In the face of the threat to the very existence of the periodical, it does not seem out of place to offer support of the medium in overwrought spiritual terms.

The Lord of the Millennial Dinner Party Feasts

When we look ahead to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, we don’t just seen affinity-based friendships around the table; we see a family dinner.

Nothing to Prove: What We Can Learn from an Olympic Athlete’s Response to Failure

The desperation to prove oneself and the inability to own mistakes are common among Mirai Nagasu’s much-discussed (and often maligned) Millennial peers.

CAPC Magazine, Issue 3 of 2018: Dishing on Dishes

We’re dishing on dishes of cultural cuisine in this issue of Christ and Pop Culture Magazine.

William Hope Hodgson: A Light in the Night Land

William Hope Hodgson’s dark works are not without glimmers of something like light.

There’s Something Rotten in Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs

As illustrated with ‘Isle of Dogs,’ when we ignore guidance from the past, we end up in a flawed world of our own creation, even if it appears immaculate on the surface.

Goodbye Christopher Robin Beckons Us Back to the Hundred Acre Wood

The stories of Winnie the Pooh and his friends were a reminder of good in this world—a childlike innocence that could still exist.