The Costly Redemption of BoJack Horseman

We ask ourselves what we might need to do to seek reconciliation with those we have hurt, and we don’t like the answers we find.

Seeing and Believing 238 | Celine Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Dee Rees’s The Last Thing He Wanted

Two women filmmakers are highlighted on the show this week! Celine Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Dee Rees’ The Last Thing He Wanted.

Unboxing Christian Music: Colony House Blurs Industry Lines

By moving past the bounds of the Christian music genre, Colony House pours truth into people who might not hear it anywhere else.

Going Beyond Google’s Celebration of Black History Makers

Recognition of another’s worth entails ceding power, allowing another what is rightfully theirs.

Overcoming the Barrier: Loving Our Neighbors Through Subtitles

Christians are commanded to love our neighbors, but we cannot love people we make no effort to understand.

Persuasion 186 | The Missional Home, with Laura Fabrycky

In the latest Go Home! convo, Erin and Hannah invite Laura Fabrycky to discuss how the biological family is to yield to something greater: our church family.

Fighting Consumerism with Fasting and Feasting

Christian fasting and feasting is the ultimate anti-consumerist response.

Seeing and Believing 237 | The Top Ten Films of the Decade

Wade and Kevin agonize on their Top 10 movie choices from the past decade. Which films most closely captured the zeitgeist from this eventful decade?

Mukbang Videos and the War of Raging Appetites

The fundamental appeal of a mukbang video, then, is the promise of satisfaction through excess.

Persuasion 185 | Family Values

What does it mean to champion the family in today’s world? Is our definition of home and family contributing to its breakdown? Erin and Hannah discuss in the latest convo of their Go Home! series.

Seeing and Believing 236 | Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey and Jeff Baena’s Horse Girl

This week we review two female led movies starting with Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey, and the more serious Sundance-featured film, Horse Girl.

The CaPC 25 for January 2020 | Caucuses, Kobe, and Conversations

We look back on Jaunary 2020 pop culture and unpack engagement with the Iowa Caucus and the impact of Kobe’s death on the black community.

Overcoming Grief and Facing Fear: How HBO’s The Outsider Explores Coping with Pain

HBO’s adaptation of The Outsider reminds us that we must learn to cope with fear and grief in order to be guides for those in the world who have no hope.

Persuasion 184 | Home Bodies, with Wesley Hill

What happens when the nuclear family framework excludes many who are not part of one? Erin and Hannah discuss and pull Wesley Hill into the conversation.

The One Ring of North Yorkshire and the Internet School of Cultural (il)Literacy

It’s in those moments that the internet feels like a good place to be—a place to reveal how a single story written by an English chap in the 1950s has touched and shaped thousands of lives for the better. 

Just Mercy Calls Us to Be the Family of God

Our apathy toward racial injustice is partially rooted in an insufficient understanding of the family of God.