Let the Story Live a Natural Life

For creators and the participants both, there lies a danger in loving a story to its own detriment. A perverse love fails to love a story for the good within it, but rather desires it to go on and on, never ending.

Episode 272: Tomm Moore and Ross Stewarts’s Wolfwalkers and Armando Iannucci’s The Personal History of David Copperfield

Wolfwalkers uses stunning animation to tell a story of myth and magic. After that, Wade and Kevin tackle The Personal History of David Copperfield.

The Mandalorian Recap: Guns and Ships (Season 2, Episode 4)

And so it came to pass that in one fell swoop, the showrunners connected The Mandalorian to the worst ideas of the prequel and sequel trilogies.

Persuasion 207 | Thankful People, with Dustin Crowe

Erin and Hannah invite Dustin Crowe for a conversation about thankfulness for their miniseries called Happy, Thankful, People.

CAPC Magazine Issue 3 of 2020: Stories

Good stories point us to Christ—to who He is, what He loves, what He’s done, and what He’s yet to do.

Seeing and Believing 271 | Ron Howard’s Hillbilly Elegy and Sean Durkin’s The Nest

Wade and Kevin take a look at a couple of new family dramas: Ron Howard’s Hillbilly Elegy and Sean Durkin’s The Nest.

The Mandalorian Recap: The Way Is Not This Way (Season 2, Episode 3)

Even if your inward-facing, self-replicating church—or Mandalorian group, for that matter—never becomes a cult, in my experience, it can (and does) start to get weird.

We All Should Have Seen the Beanie Babies Crash Coming, but We Didn’t

For anyone who didn’t live through the nineties, it’s difficult to explain how big a deal Beanie Babies were.

The Vow: Stories of Truth and Deception

The thing about lies is that eventually they have to give out. No matter how badly liars want truth to be relative—it isn’t.

Persuasion 206 | Happy People, with Barnabas Piper

Erin and Hannah invite Barnabas Piper for a conversation about happiness to kick off a new miniseries called Happy, Thankful, People.

Seeing and Believing 270 | Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit and John Huston’s The Man Who Would Be King

It’s a royal lineup for this episode of Seeing and Believing, with discussion on The Queen’s Gambit and The Man Who Would Be King.

Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You: A Masterful Exploration of Faith, Death, and Life After Death

Springsteen’s Letter to You could only be written by someone who spent the better part of five decades trotting beside the mysterious practices of the Catholic Church

The Mandalorian Recap: Safety Not Guaranteed (Season 2, Episode 2)

Look, I’m not a youth pastor, but if I were, I would tell you teens that just as the wages of sin is death, the wages of eating a Frog Lady’s eggs means getting eaten alive by a thousand baby space spiders.

Boys State, Starring Our Own Malnourished Political Imaginations

We swim in the waters of partisan conflict, and we can hardly recognize that underneath all the posturing, strategizing, and warfare tactics is supposed to be a real vision of human flourishing.

Blessed Are the Weary, for They Will Find Rest

Turning our expectations and environment upside down, the Beatitudes initiate the reversal of our moral and spiritual fortunes.

Seeing and Believing 269 | Robert Zemeckis’s The Witches and Spike Lee’s David Byrne’s American Utopia

First up is Robert Zemeckis’s remake of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book The Witches. Finally Spike Lee’s American Utopia.