How Foresight Changes the Battle: Miss Sloane and Spiritual Warfare

So it is with the “plot” of spiritual warfare throughout human history. Like Miss Sloane, God begins his story with a monologue of such significance that it shapes and reveals all that is to come.

Eternals: Marvel’s Impersonal Metamyth

Eternals is a movie that purports to be about human exceptionalism, but doesn’t give us anything exceptional about humans to cheer for.

No, You Can’t Get It All Done: Time Management for Mortals and Mineo’s Never Land II

You have to choose a few things, sacrifice everything else, and deal with the inevitable sense of loss that results.

Seeing and Believing 313 | Kenneth Branagh’s “Belfast”

How do you imprint a memory onto celluloid? Kenneth Branagh attempts to answer that question with his latest film, Belfast.

When “Tough Love” Isn’t Loving: Grace for Those on Their Last Chance

Last Chance U shows us that when our options are spent, when punishment doesn’t work, and when there’s little hope left, we need love and grace.

Seeing and Believing 312 | Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch”

Put on your dapper clothes and sit in the geometrically perfect room of your choice for a review of Wes Anderson’s, “The French Dispatch.”

Persuasion 229 | What We Make of It All, with Karen Swallow Prior

We have a guest for our Frankenstein finale!

“Paul Atreides Must Die”: Dune as Bildungsroman

Immaturity and innocence must die, Dune says, for children to become adults.

Seeing and Believing 311 | Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho

Halloween is receding into the mists of the past, but it’s never too late to enjoy a spooky movie: Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho.

Loving the God of Little Things

Thank God for the small comforts and consolations that pierce us to the heart with joy—the little things.

Persuasion 228 | What We Make of Destiny

If the will of God is certain, do our daily actions matter? Erin and Hannah explore the role of destiny and free will in this episode of Persuasion.

Breaking Bread: Midnight Mass and the Inversion of the Eucharist

When the God you preach is nothing more than a simulacrum of your own shadow, it’s easy to justify wrongs against the least of these for your own ends.

First Cow and Nomadland: Perspective from the Margins

First Cow and Nomadland offer their characters to us as fellow travelers on the road of life, who know that home isn’t just a place, it’s friendship.