1981 vs. 2021: Searching for Salvation

Reviewing the products of 1981 and 2021 reveals our desperate search for salvation from death… and salvation from modern daily life.

CAPC’s Most-Read Articles of 2021

Here’s what everyone was reading at Christ and Pop Culture in 2021.

Spider-Man: No Way Home: The Worth and The Cost of Being Seen

The film’s highs and lows are mined from something viscerally human and somehow understated: the desire for connection.

Hawkeye ‌‌Recap:‌ Dawn of Justice ‌(Episode‌s 5 & 6)‌

The Hawkeye Scrooge faced his past, burned the suit, and gained something of a daughter in the process.

Seeing and Believing 315 | Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story

Kevin and Sarah close out 2021 with a new film and genre from Steven Spielberg with a remake of West Side Story.

Why You Need to Re-Watch While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping is unusual for this genre because it shows the necessity of both family and shame for the storied couple’s well-being

Don’t Throw Away Your Nativity Sets: Why Jesus May Not Have Been Born in a “Lower Room”

Jesus’s birth is a breach of human hospitality, not an example of it.

Spider-Man: No Way Home and Stories of Hopeful Restoration

Even criminals deserve a chance at redemption, and there is always hope where there is new life.

Seeing and Believing 314 | Mike Mills’s C’mon C’mon

Kevin is joined by critic/author Sarah Welch-Larson to chat about a film that both were excited for: Mike Mills’s C’mon C’mon.

Dune and Disaster, or, Why Charismatic Leaders Should Come with a Warning Label

Like Paul in Dune, we can fall into the trap of moral expediency—the temptation to care more about winning than about holiness and humble service. 

Fictional Evangelicalism: On Reading Daniel Silliman’s Reading Evangelicals

Silliman argues that each of these stories prefigures the current crisis within evangelicalism.

Hawkeye ‌‌Recap:‌ Out for Blood ‌(Episode‌s 3 & 4)‌ ‌

It’s an almost impossible task, to give up your right to another’s life.

A Castle for Christmas: Netflix, Hallmark, and the “Christmas Rom-Com” of Advent

A Castle for Christmas is hopeful in the same way that Advent is a season of hope.

Squid Game and the Good Samaritan: Solidarity and Compassion in a Competitive World

Squid Game shows us the value of sacrificial, compassionate action to our own life of faith, especially within a competitive, late capitalist society.

Is Christmas Marvel-ous?

While the Christmas story is Marvel-like in the sense that it explains Jesus’s supernatural powers by showing us his supernatural origins, it’s not fictional.

Hawkeye ‌‌Recap:‌ I Could Do This All Day! ‌(Episode‌s 1 & 2)‌ ‌

Now that Ronin is “out there” again, Clint can’t let the wrath reserved for Ronin fall on someone else, let alone a kid who needs his help.