Why Are Dr. Rick’s Progressive Ads Actually Traditional Comedy?

Dr. Rick ads provide a relaxed common ground between generations and opportunities for approachable honesty with those outside the church.

The Unexpected Parenting in Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who

As the Doctor travels through time and space, she becomes a surprisingly good parenting example for those of us without a TARDIS.

Natalie Bergman’s Mercy Is an Exquisite Expression of Grief, Faith, and Love

These songs may be deeply sad, but the album serves as a stirring reminder that death doesn’t have the final word.

Seeing and Believing 326 | Master & The Lady Eve

It is social commentary horror with “Master” juxtaposed with 1950’s romantic comedy “The Lady Eve” on the week’s episode.

Pride, Panache, and Paradox in Cyrano

Cyrano reminds us that most of us could use a little panache.

Seeing and Believing 325 | Turning Red & Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kevin and Sarah find themselves in an animated disagreement over Pixar’s latest movie, Turning Red and then bond over Kiki’s Delivery Service

100 Years Later, Nosferatu Still Casts a Long Shadow

Nosferatu is a relic of a day when people were not afraid to make moral judgments and make their monsters monstrous.

When You Think God Is on Your Side: The Fall of the Russian Empire

Nicholas’s assumption that he was acting on God’s behalf to preserve the divinely-blessed Russian Empire pushed the country into disaster. 

Abbott Elementary: Cultivating Permanence in Impermanent Spaces

Abbott Elementary reminds us that the impermanent houses the eternal.

Unveiling Ragnarok: Teens, Parents, and the Apocalypse

The apocalyptic stakes of Ragnarok truly speak to the crisis the church is in.

Seeing and Believing 324 | After Yang & After Life

After Yang and After Life, a pair of quiet contemplative movies is up this week on Seeing and Believing.

Finding Your Roots: Stars Are Just Like Us

Finding Your Roots uses the lens of a particular person’s experience to reflect our own.

Seeing and Believing 323 | The Batman & Dead Pigs

Kevin and Sarah discuss Matt Reeves’ take on The Batman. In the Watchlist segment, they split over Cathy Yan’s feature debut Dead Pigs.

Station Eleven: The Virtue of Risky Hospitality and Making Monsters into Friends

Rebuilding civilization requires hospitality to strangers, whether they show up cold and dirty on your doorstep, or warm and tiny in your womb.

The Pains and Promises of Parenthood in Fredrik Backman’s Beartown

An encouraging and hopeful story about the realities of facing and embracing the respective pains and promises of parenthood.

Volodymyr Zelensky at the Bridge: The Costly Virtue of Heroism in the Real World

We don’t have any stories of heroes without heroes in real life.