Does Evil Have a Sound? Reflections on Vecna’s Playlist, Black Metal & the Banality of Evil

Is Vecna’s evil really exemplified best by the tumultuous sounds of black metal artists like Darkthrone and Mayhem?

The Search for Peace in the Life of Tony Hawk

A recent documentary reveals how the world-famous skateboarder wrestled with finding meaning and purpose.

Liturgy of the Tomb Raider

I can’t think of a single other video game with the moxie to demand that players learn the stations of the cross to raid a tomb.

Seeing and Believing 343 | Nope & Buck and the Preacher

Kevin and Sarah saddle up and get spooky with Jordan Peele’s “Nope”, and then discuss Sidney Poitier’s 1972 western, “Buck and the Preacher”.

The Cycle of Crisis in Taxi Driver (The Philosophy of Paul Schrader)

Taxi Driver represents the psychosis of self-imposed loneliness.

“Hold Me Jesus ’Cause I’m Shaking Like A Leaf”: Anxiety and the Eucharist

I wish I could say that Christians are exempt from the effects of fear, but to say so would be a lie.

Simple Faith: Minimalism and Christianity

Minimalism is a way to reduce distractions to the Christian life.

Seeing and Believing 342 | “RRR” & “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

Kevin and Sarah take on a pair of buddy movies. First up: the Bollywood smash hit RRR, then they discuss 2005’s movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

A Pandemic of Romantic Idolatry

COVID-19 highlighted what was already true: both single and married Christians need more family in the body of Christ than romance can offer.

My Dear Wormwood: A Screwtape Letter on the Art of Smartphone Addiction

Neutrality towards technology isn’t as good as enthusiasm, of course, but it’s much better than allowing the seeds of skepticism to grow.

The Cost of Peace in Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast

Belfast is a tale of triumph and survival in the darkest of circumstances.

Seeing and Believing 341 | Thor: Love and Thunder & Something Wild (1986)

Does lightning strike again with Thor: Love and Thunder? After Kevin and Sarah deliver their shocking review, it’s onto 1986’s Something Wild.

Captain America and the Divided States of American Christianity

God is not constrained by our human divisions.

If Jesus Were a Robot: Android Rebellion, Religious Belief, and the Messiah in Detroit: Become Human

In Detroit: Become Human the choice of messiahship is turned over to the player.

Seeing and Believing 340 | Marcel the Shell with Shoes On & The Illusionist (2010)

Kevin and Sarah keep things light this week with Marcel the Shell with Shoes On & The Illusionist, a French animated feature from 2010.