What can the Church learn from the Religion of Sports?

Sports, like religion, are an unavoidable aspect of our culture.

The Holy Foolishness of Frederick Buechner

Though we just lost Frederick Buechner at the age of 96, I suspect that part of his legacy will consist in his bold reminder that preachers are poets.

Seeing and Believing 346 | Beast & Grizzly Man

Lions, no tigers, and bears, oh my. Kevin and Sarah take on Beast, a movie in which Idris Elba fights a lion & then documentary, Grizzly Man.

Finding Your Spark: Breaking through Our Modern Malaise with Joe Gardner and Buzz Lightyear

Even more than Soul, Toy Story speaks into our crisis of meaning in a way that corresponds with the Christian story.

Beyond Our Own Worlds: Wild Things and Castles in the Sky

This helpful collection of essays is a welcome guide to finding new books for young readers.

Jordan Peele’s Resounding Nope to Lethal Entertainment

Nope asks, Who’s the real consumer here and who’s actually being consumed?

Seeing and Believing 345 | Bodies Bodies Bodies & Picnic at Hanging Rock

Kevin and Sarah tackle Bodies Bodies Bodies, then Sarah introduces Kevin to Peter Weir’s 1975 film, Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Occupied Reveals the Difficulty of Doing Good in a World That Refuses to Define It

In this controversial Norwegian TV series, deception and conflict go hand in hand.

Introducing… The Coach’s Box

A brand new column explores how Christians can improve our witness and participation in the culture of sports.

Finding Treasure in a Broken Land: America’s Best Songwriter, Thirty Years On

An antidote to both hopeless secularism and blind, unreflective faith, Mark Heard’s songs grab listeners by the lapels and shake them awake.

Jordan Peele’s Nope and the Spectacle of Danger

Ultimately, Nope is a cautionary tale—and philosophical survey—of exploiting something uncontainable.

The Violence and Nonviolent Resistance of Peter Weir’s Witness

Witness is intelligent enough to trust the audience with ambivalence and uncertainty.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa: Foreign Yet Familiar

By taking foundational points from two cultures, Hokusai provided access for both societies to feel comfortable while exploring the foreign.

Revisiting Hatchet: The Idolization of Self-Sufficiency and the Truth of the Gospel

Hatchet shows the downside of extreme self-reliance, and teaches us to value the companionship and help of others.

“It’s an Old Song, and We’re Gonna Sing It Again”: Hadestown, Sir Orfeo, and Music for the End of Time

There is indeed an affinity to the classical pagan tale in Hadestown, one that tells us much about our own day—especially when compared to the medieval poem Sir Orfeo.

Seeing and Believing 344 | Bullet Train & Dog Day Afternoon

Kevin and Sarah return from vacation to review a high-octane action movie, Bullet Train and then in the Watch list, Dog Day Afternoon