The Scandal of Reading 12 | Intro to Lit Pulpit

Co Hosts Claude and Austin tease their new show with a light discussion of James Baldwin’s Go Tell It On The Mountain.

2022 Sports Roundup, 2nd Quarter

Here are some of the biggest headlines and most overlooked stories in sports from 2022’s second quarter.

Intolerable Silence or Uncanny Attention? Memoria and the Nature of Existence

The subterranean dread of Memoria comes from the possibility that our attention may alight on things unexpected, unwanted, and unwelcome.

Seeing and Believing 363 | Babylon & Broker

Kevin and Sarah wrap up 2022 with Damien Chazelle’s 3-hour epic Babylon and then Hirokazu Kore-eda’s latest, Broker.

The Dead Do Not Forget: Advent as the Practice of Penitence

Advent was historically preoccupied with the second coming of Christ and focused on the last things: death, judgment, heaven, and hell.

The Scandal of Reading 11 | Austin Carty on Frederick Buechner’s Godric

Frederick Buechner’s Godric is discussed by Jessica and guest Austin Carty, including the themes of death and fiction as autobiography.

Violent Night: How Santa Got His Jingle Back

Santa’s rationalization for fighting was a one-time occurrence, but his commitment to address children’s needs is permanent.

“We Have Something That Needs to Be Told”: An Interview with Stephen Atherholt, Lead Actor in I Heard the Bells

Stephen Atherholt plays poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in the film I Heard the Bells.

“Born to Raise the Sons of Earth”: What Ovid Taught Me About Christ

We got a lot of good things from the Greeks and the Romans, but not the concept of God as a loving, suffering servant.

The Wire: The Virtue of Getting Up in Others’ Business

We’d all benefit from a large-scale adoption of the Deacon’s mindset in The Wire: not to be afraid to get up into others’ business.

Seeing and Believing 362 | Avatar: The Way of Water and White Noise

Kevin and Sarah return to Pandora to review Avatar: The Way of Water then the literary adaptations in Noah Baumach’s White Noise.

The Scandal of Reading 10 | Tsh Oxenreider on Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer

Jessica and Tsh Oxenreider discuss Walker Percy’s debut novel and its new meaning for younger generations in an increasingly disconnected society.

Seeing and Believing December 2022 Bonus Episode | Charlotte Wells’ Aftersun

In this bonus episode, Sarah and Kevin review Aftersun, Charlotte Wells’ writing and directorial debut.

Tragedy and Triumph in Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi

Dooku’s story reminds us that seemingly innocuous moral compromises can lead to an unfortunate and tragic end.

2022 Sports Roundup, 1st Quarter

Here are some of the biggest headlines and most overlooked stories in sports from 2022’s first quarter.

The Case for Taking Video Games Seriously

While Gen X and Boomers have helped Christians consider the cost of playing video games, they rarely consider the cost of neglecting them.