Maya Moore: Love and (No More) Basketball

From Maya Moore’s decision to retire from basketball in the prime of her career, we can learn to use our gifts and talents to pursue the good and flourishing of others’ lives.

Finding a New Glorious Purpose: Loki and the Failure of Materialism

Materialism mesmerizes us, as it does Loki, because it’s a way to place ourselves at the center of our own little universe composed of people and products that exist to serve us.

Seeing and Believing 366 | No Bears & All That Jazz

This week on the podcast: two movies about the cost of making art. Jafar Panahi’s latest film No Bears and Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz.

Scandal of Reading | Season 2 Introduction

Professor Jessica Hooten Wilson is joined by Claude Atcho and Austin Carty to introduce new listeners to the show at the start of Season 2.

BoJack Horseman and a Contemplative Consumption Diet

In a moment when easy consumerism reigns, jarring and difficult shows like BoJack Horseman are exactly what we need.

Seeing and Believing 365 | Ikiru & Living

Kevin and Sarah pair their Watchlist review of Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru with their review of its 2022 remake Living, starring Bill Nighy

Responding to What Is a Woman?, Part 3: “It Sucks to Be a Girl”

While many of women’s problems are age-old, what’s changed is the promise of a new solution: the promise of escaping womanhood by adopting a new identity.

CAPC’s Most-Read Articles of 2022

Here’s what everyone was reading at Christ and Pop Culture in 2022.

Lamar Jackson’s Injury Proves We’ve Learned Nothing From Damar Hamlin’s Cardiac Arrest

Insisting that players sacrifice their bodies for our mere entertainment should not sit well with us.

Kogonada’s After Yang Imagines a Way Beyond Tech Consumerism

After Yang offers a refreshing, compassionate perspective on how technology might make our world more human instead of less.

Seeing and Believing 364 | The Best Films of 2022

Sarah and Kevin have watched as many movie as they could and assembled their list of the Best Films of 2022 for your consideration!

Responding to What Is a Woman?, Part 2: You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone

Without tradition to protect us, our bodies become subject to the dynamics of the market.

“Christmas in His Bluff and Hearty Honesty”: Charles Dickens Among the Goblins

Few of us moderns know the origins of Dickens’ contagious Christmas Spirit, the joyful and perhaps mythic spring from which he created A Christmas Carol.

2022 Sports Roundup, 4th Quarter

Here are some of the biggest headlines and most overlooked stories in sports from 2022’s fourth quarter.

The Hidden Consumerism of Movie Filtering Services

A consumerist mindset evaluates entertainment only from the standpoint of how it will affect us, without giving any thought to how the entertainers are affected.

Responding to What Is a Woman?, Part 1: It’s Too Simple for Words

The categories of male/female and man/woman are simply too ancient and fundamental to be tampered with without consequences.