All This Excitement: A Series Retrospective of Dirty Harry

Harry’s rough-around-the-edges compassion emerges over the course of these films: sometimes, to protect the sheep, the shepherd must get down and dirty with the wolves.

The Flame That Guides Us Home: The Longing for Restoration in Elden Ring

The longing for restoration in Elden Ring rings out far clearer than in its predecessors.

Seeing and Believing 383 | Master Gardener & Mikey and Nicky

Kevin and Sarah talk their juxtaposed feelings on Paul Schrader and his new film, Master Gardener followed by the Watchlist’s Mikey and Nicky

Christ and Pop Culture Reflects on the Legacy of Timothy Keller

Christ and Pop Culture writers present their reflections on how Timothy Keller’s life and thought informed or shaped their own work.

May Bonus 2023 | Kelly Reichardt’s Showing Up

Sarah and Kevin review Kelly Reichardt’s latest movie, Showing Up, in which Michelle Williams plays an artist trying to hold it together.

Take Me out for Some Hockey: Exercising Humility and Submission with a New Sport

Engaging in hockey (or any sport we’re unfamiliar with) is a fantastic exercise in practicing submission and humility.

Can Watching Horror Help Us to Neither Deny Nor Domesticate the Darkness?

Horror is a witness to the monstrous we wish we could explain away but cannot.

Seeing and Believing 382 | Fast X & Out of the Past

Kevin and special guest Chris Williams cover examine the family film Fast X. Then Jacques Tourneur’s film noir classic, Out of the Past.

The Scandal of Reading 27 | Lit Pulpit 5 – Go Tell It on the Mountain, Part 5

Claude and Austin explore the concept and practice of forgiveness and how Gabriel’s domineering and toxic character is influenced by it.

The Restoration of Romance

Sarah Russell’s poem poses as a meditation on love and longing for one’s spouse, but in fact exposes the extent of our culture’s decay with regard to the self-giving necessary to create and sustain romantic relationships.

Seeing and Believing 381 | Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 & Akira

Sarah and Kevin dive back in to the MCU with James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Then, they take on Katsuhiro Otomo’s anime, Akira.

The Scandal of Reading 26 | Lit Pulpit 4 – Go Tell It on the Mountain, Part 4

Claude and Austin discuss religious power, toxic faith, and the complications of conversion in James Baldwin’s novel. 

World Gone Cold Shines a Bit of Light: Self-Titled EP Review

World Gone Cold seeks to “warm the blood and soothe the soul” in light of society’s isolation and chilly feeling.

A Grizzly Collapse on the Thin Line Between Ego and Confidence

Overconfidence mired in egotistical, unrealistic, and disrespectful notions led to the Grizzlies’ demise.

Breaking the Mold: Seeing the Image of God in Women’s Basketball

To ignore or even chastise female athleticism—or to tacitly treat it as a lesser form of athleticism by providing inferior treatment—undermines the breadth of creation.

Seeing and Believing 380 | Polite Society & My Man Godfrey (1936)

Kevin and Sarah clash over Nida Manzoor’s action/heist/drama mash-up Polite Society and the societal commentary with 1936’s My Man Godfrey.