How Kenneth Branagh’s Hercule Poirot Becomes a Christ-Haunted Genius

Branagh’s Poirot is not just a detective solving crimes but a pilgrim navigating the labyrinth of the soul’s darker questions.

1993 Film Favorites, Part 5: Finding Contentment in The Nightmare Before Christmas

While boredom may be a first-world problem, disillusionment at being off track with one’s identity is universally human.

The Scandal of Reading 28 | Shemaiah Gonzalez on Joy: 100 Poems

Shemiah Gonzales talks with Jessica about Christian Wiman’s Joy: 100 Poems and the constant debate on how to define “joy.”

What We Get Right, and Wrong, About Hope in Sports

There are plenty of opportunities for us to practice hope in more significant or critical life circumstances by practicing hope in sports.

Time Is on Our Side: Watching Cosmic Time and the Cosmological Presumption

The way so many of our best-known films are set up, the reminder of time passing is almost unfailingly ominous.

Dragging Art Upward: Time to Let the “Christian” Movie Die

Good art should be made for our neighbors, and for God Himself—and God doesn’t need to be pandered to.

1993 Film Favorites, Part 4: How Philadelphia Taught Society Compassion

Philadelphia showed the horrific truths behind a reality that society had ignored, and made the public AIDS crisis personal.

Lessons From Running: Overcome Overthinking by Taking the Outside View

The challenge for us is to take an outside view of the problems before us.

Alyosha Karamazov and Janner Igiby: Answering the Call to Faith and Sacrifice

Andrew Peterson introduces The Wingfeather Saga’s Janner Igiby as another ordinary protagonist.

Is There Ever a Good Reason for Sex and Nudity in Film?

Avoiding an obviously sex-centric film is rudimentary. Further along the spectrum, however, is where discretion and wisdom are required.