70 Years with Big G — Part Three: Renewal and Reflection in the Millennium Era

The Millennium Era set a precedent for risk-taking through its innovative anthology format in an effort to reestablish Godzilla’s identity.

Red Dawn’s Conflicted Christian-Pagan Heroism and the Need for Chivalry

At its worst and best, Red Dawn challenges us to think about how we see war, masculinity, and honor.

Zach Bryan Is Pinin’ After God’s Own Heart

You won’t find Zach Bryan on Christian radio and some churchgoers may blush at his brashness, but Christian themes roll off his tongue as smoothly as curses.

The Comic Case Against Trump

To those tempted to take a tragic view this election season, I would counter that the Christian vision of reality is in fact a comic one.

70 Years with Big G — Part Two: Judgment and Consequences in the Heisei Era

The Heisei Era films reflect a society aware of the complex relationship between human innovation and its unintended side effects.

70 Years with Big G — Part One: Sin and Salvation in the Showa Era

From a terrifying symbol of nuclear destruction to a beloved defender of Earth, Godzilla has captured the imaginations of diverse audiences.

Kacey Musgraves’ Search for “The Architect”

There is an architect, one that is not distant but rather, wants to be in relationship with every one of his creatures.

Why Mystery Is Crucial to Our Lives (And Why It’s Never Going Away)

The mysterious God of the universe uses mysteries, and His words in the Bible, to encounter and be encountered.

We Need To Calm Down About Taylor Swift

Instead of retaliating, what if we humbly listened to those who harbor genuine grievances, pain, and fears regarding Christianity?