Supreme Justice: Engaging Culture Through the New Court Term

This year’s Supreme Court term could be one of its most interesting… and controversial.

Taking Dr. King Even More Seriously

As the new memorial is unveiled, Adam Carrington gleans from MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

Clarity and Charity: Bachmann’s Faith and Christian Community

Our reaction to Michele Bachmann may have a significant effect on how the outside world sees us.

A Time to Choose: Debt Ceilings, Medicare, and Competing Visions of America’s Future

Complicated political and financial realities must never prevent us from loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Know Your Limitations: the Great and Not So Great Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart’s recent interview on Fox News begs the question: should he stick to comedy?


Why do we answer a fool in his folly?

When Our Heroes Fail: The Case of Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel was a man I could emulate. Now, everything has changed.

The Illegitimacy of Oppression: How Can Christians Think About the Egyptian Revolt?

The Egyptian revolution is a complex development, but certain Christian principles can help us to think through the implications.

Being Presidential

Meloncholy and the Infinite Madness: Tucson’s Horror and the Brokenness of Mental Illness

Why would someone do something like this, and can anything be done for such a person?

Living the Christian Tension: Keller and VanDrunen on Christian Cultural Engagement

Two recent books explore the question of Christian involvement in the greater world culture.

“Sister Wives”: Are We Really Loving to be Watching?

“Sister Wives” asks us to confront real questions about the limits of reality-television and how we can articulate Christianity in our own times.

The Nastiest Election Ever!(?)

Text and Image: How Biblical Art Points us to Worship

Art can often point us to Someone greater than ourselves.

In Praise of the New Republic

Tea Party Racists…or Elite Condescention?