Into the Unknown with Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, and Mary, Mother of God

In Elsa’s story, I see a path that Mary might also have taken as she learned to lean into the delicate whisper of God’s voice. In her humanity, Mary had to learn to say “yes” over and over again in the small things.

I Feel Pretty, The Greatest Showman, and the God Who Sees

The incomplete message of I Feel Pretty and The Greatest Showman is that I can change my world by merely changing my self-perception.

A Priest for All Seasons: Murder, Mystery, and Contentment in Father Brown and Grantchester

As a practicing Catholic, I know that confession must occur even in the summertime, when the confessional booth is stuffy and both priest and penitent are itching to be elsewhere.

Resolved: A Neighborly 2017

If the traditional American approach to dieting and exercise doesn’t help us tame our flesh, what will?

Real God, Messy People: Christians and ABC’s ‘The Real O’Neals’

‘The Real O’Neals’ holds up Christian assumptions about family and faith before our eyes, forcing us to evaluate their efficacy.

Christians and Plastic Surgery

If cosmetic plastic surgery is morally neutral, and if it is feasible that God would not just permit, but even lead one of His children to have it done, then how do I respond?

Oprah’s Best Body and the Body of Christ

Fat Christians represent the Body of Christ just as much as their thinner counterparts in the church, even if Oprah Winfrey’s new Weight Watcher ads tell us otherwise.

Christian Hospitality and the Abortion Industry

It is not enough to call for the defunding of Planned Parenthood; Christians must continue to take the call to show hospitality seriously.