Stranger Things Reminds Us of the Lessons We Keep Forgetting

These truths seem obvious, but perhaps we need a reminder.

Now, Now, Not Yet: God’s Kingdom and Sho Baraka’s “March”

“March” is an expectation of the coming kingdom, an exuberant recognition that Christ has won this battle and a sobering admonition to usher in His reign.

Recapturing the Wonder by Mike Cosper, Free for CAPC Members

Mike Cosper’s Recapturing the Wonder: Transcendent Faith in a Disenchanted World is meant to be a guide out of this chaotic disenchantment.

Pass the Avocado Toast: The Limits of Self-Care

Practicing others-care isn’t instinctive, as self-care might be, but it is important.

The Best Senior Christmas Murder Pageant Mystery Play Ever! (CUE APPLAUSE NOW)

This Christmas, let’s step back and consider what we are inviting the world to observe.

Of Love and Friends and Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day is coming up. Don’t forget to treat your women friends accordingly.

Jack Chick’s Vision of the World Was a Fear-Filled Caricature

Jack Chick’s tracts don’t challenge readers to love their neighbors, but instead, provide a refuge for those who want to bunker down in fear.

Wielding the Invisible Power of Modesty: Renewing the Vision of Feminine Virtue

Modesty is not a dress code. It is a spiritual posture.

Reading Sideways: How Fiction Helps Us Navigate the Maze of Tragedy

Fiction does not allow us to ignore reality; rather, it is a tool for the wise, the desperate, and the bewildered.

Defending the Personhood of Politicians

The first step in overcoming the exhaustion of politics is to subvert the game and refuse any kind of engagement with propaganda that reduces a person to a pawn.

Ordinary Faithfulness: Jim and Pam’s Quiet Fidelity

The resurrection is not in the feelings or the romance; it’s in the ordinary faithfulness of everyday life.

Of Dying Kingdoms and Newborn Salvation: Resurrecting Christmas in the Poetry of T. S. Eliot

We wander on a bizarre journey, unsure of what, exactly, we are searching for, and then, Christmas.

Less Is More: Finding Joy in Your Possessions

Declutter your life in the new year: having fewer possessions can lead to finding greater joy in what you have.

Tuning in: Oprah’s Gift of Generous Listening

Evangelical Christians would do well to stop and listen, really listen, as Oprah has modeled so well for us.

A Living Sacrifice: The Beauty of a Body Broken for Others

We can pretend that bodies are shrines to our youth, but they are better considered as places. They can be havens and homes. They can be agents of mercy. But what they aren’t meant to be is preserved.

Love’s Scientific Masquerade

Can romantic love be manufactured by the scientific process?