“I am Atticus”: Racism and Vision in Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman

“The depth of human sinfulness and pride is always deeper than we imagine”

Learning to Listen: What The Abortion Diary Podcast Reveals

The Abortion Diary podcast humanizes the pro-life/pro-choice debate.

Without Shame: Letting Abortion Stories Supplant Stigma

Wherever Christians choose judgment or the promotion of abortion stigma, wherever we approach those touched by abortion with anything short of the grace and truth of the Gospel, we truly do risk driving women directly into the circles of those who will condone, legitimize, praise, and ultimately perpetuate abortion as an acceptable “solution.”

Amy Poehler’s Yes Please and a Theology of the Middle

While mid-life crises are notorious in our contemporary age for dramatic grasps at youth, Poehler shows us a more productive conclusion, albeit one still lacking.

“Sing Over Me”: The Saving Grace of God’s Rescue

Sing Over Me opens up a safe space for homosexuals who feel — as Jernigan did — in need of rescue.

Bowe Bergdahl and Looking Toward the Heavens

The Christian worldview explains why cases like this are so challenging and why they should turn our minds toward our great hope to come, where the depravity of a fallen world will no longer taint our lives.

You’re Already Doing Internet Evangelism, so Do It Well: An Interview with Tony Whittaker

Amber Stamper interviews Tony Whittaker about raising awareness of how our online behavior matters.

Not Far Removed: The Unveiling of Human Barbie

The “Human Barbie” is, in ways far beyond what Facebook photos and videos show, deeply human.

Reconsidering the Gun Raffle: A Talk with “2nd Amendment Celebration” Pastor, Chuck McAlister

McAlister feels that his calling is deeply rooted in the needs of a particular population, and we must not, in our eagerness to condemn one pastor’s tactics, overlook the necessity of concern for them as well.

Outside the Courtroom: How People, Not Merely Policy, Can End Abortion

Wherever we are, we can touch the unique lives of the individuals at the center of the storm that is abortion.

‘No Regrets’: Abortion Providers and the Women Who Would “Do it Again’

I see no clear political advantage to reaching out to these providers and women, but there is great spiritual advantage to sparking even the smallest light.

Lila Rose, Gracious Pro-Life Debate, and the Necessity of Public Confrontation

We need more than drive-by apologetics. We need to be gentle and factual, and to stick it out.

It’s #ManCrushMonday: Can We Redeem Even the Shallowest of Hashtags?

Sure, the guy and girl tagging is shallow and lustful. But can believers come up with better responses than shaking a finger?

Brain Death and Dialogue: What Two News Stories Can Teach Us about Responding with Grace