Instant Watching: Piccadilly Jim

“Piccadilly Jim is a light, fun, over the top flick with intelligence, just like a bit of relaxing summertime reading.”

Instant Watching: Brooklyn Lobster

“Brooklyn Lobster is about pride, misplaced priorities, and families sticking together.”

Instant Watching: Better Off Ted

“As Ted struggles with self-gratification versus staying a responsible supervisor and father, he and his employees have to try to remain morally upright in a corporation with very questionable ethical standards.”

Instant Watching: Mary and Max

“Mary and Max’s unlikely friendship gives them hope for a more purposeful life.”

Instant Watching: The Baxter

“Whatever happens to the stranded groom-to-be in romantic comedies whose fiancee leaves him at the altar for another man?”

Instant Watching: Criminal

“Glorifying justice instead of the big score, Criminal is a different take on the heist film.”

Instant Watching: Four Lions – A Terrorist Comedy?

“Can a movie about terrorists who have very real intentions to harm others also be very funny?”

Instant Watching: Randy and the Mob

“Randy and the Mob is a silly and strange and sweet film about personal priorities and reconciliation among family members.”

Instant Watching: Humble Pie

“The writing in Humble Pie is sensitive to the sadness and insecurities that burden its characters, but certainly does not sacrifice humor in the process.”

Instant Watching: White on Rice

“White on Rice deals with the cost of being selfish, the importance of family, and the process of becoming a mature adult.”