The Spiritual Discipline of Hanging Out in Cemeteries

It’s by numbering our days—contemplating death—that “we may get the heart of wisdom.”

Teju Cole’s Blind Spot: An Antidote to Instagram Syndrome

Social media trains us to reduce living, breathing human beings to brands and stereotypes, but Teju Cole resists.

Lamenting the Death of the Small iPhone

Choosing the iPhone SE was a way for me to practice the spiritual discipline of simplicity.

Finding Redemption in The O.C.

We’re 11 years removed from saying goodbye to the Cohens and The O.C., yet pop culture writers and fans alike regularly indulge in heated discussions about this hyper-self-aware soap opera’s merits and cultural impact.

What Men Can Learn from a Woman’s Call to Ministry: A Review of Kristen Padilla’s Now That I’m Called

Male pastors in particular must be ready to equip and empower women in their congregation when they express an interest in vocational ministry, and this book is a helpful tool to do just that.

The Last Days of Brand New

Science Fiction is an album about the end: of relationships, of life, of Brand New.

“I Want to Heal”: Chester Bennington’s Honest Pain

Chester Bennington gave millions of fans a gift by providing a space to be honest about pain and depression and fear.

Our Family Narrative: Why Christians Should Study Church History

In college, when I was wrestling the most, my faith was strengthened by one thing: history.