How Might Christians Respond to the Question of Homosexual Marriage?

The Holy Huddle: Commentary on the Penn State Sanctions

What are we to think of the PSU sanctions?

The Holy Huddle: Dr. Shaq’s Best Quote, ‘Don’t Waste Your Life!’

Christians would be wise to follow in Shaquille O’Neal’s very large footsteps.

The Holy Huddle: Disunity at the Olympic Trials

“Attitudes that breed disunity have no place within the Christian community.”

The Holy Huddle: Football, Playoffs, and Fairness

“A four-team playoff is a good step toward fair, but not the leap that fans desire.”

The Holy Huddle: Lance and Roger, Ethics and Legality, Competition and Fairness

“Both Clemens and Armstrong maintain their innocence, [but] their public personas, marketability, and Q-scores have taken quite a hit.”

The Holy Huddle: Is Sports Fandom a Bastion of Hatred?

“Is it okay for Gospel-bearers to participate in a culture of sports hatred?”

The Holy Huddle: Checking in on Christians in Sports

“Bible-believing, Gospel-bearing sports figures are some of the main players (pun intended) in the furthering of the Gospel in American culture.”

The Holy Huddle: What Elders Can Learn from Larry Bird

“Bird is an overseer—he sees what needs to be done and acts accordingly.”

The Holy Huddle: Sports Figures, The Hunger Games, and Sociological Terminology

“Fans have difficulty separating the professional and personal in the modern world of reality television and 24-hour news cycles.”

The Holy Huddle: Hamels’s Plunk and the Root of Sports Violence

“With that pitch, Hamels’s actions revealed something universal about the human condition as it plays out in the world of sports — the intent to harm one’s opponent is a universal spiritual disease.”

The Holy Huddle: Is Albert Pujols Baseball’s Job?

“Is there any value in paying attention to how winners respond to losing?”

Sports Violence and the Temple of God

Is the NFL a business of violence?

The Holy Huddle: “Metta” Cognition And The Rush To Speak Out

“If Metta World Peace is harmed, it will be as a result of his own actions—not by the NBA’s impulsiveness.”

The Holy Huddle: Petrino and Guillen, A Tale of Two Coaches

“When leaders fail to take care of their personal business, it taints the very structure of the organization that the players work within.”

The Holy Huddle: The 2012 CaPC Theology Hoops Tournament Final Four Recap

“both the men’s and women’s tournaments reveal that religion still has a role in American culture in the 21st century.”