Books Besides the Bible: Writers in the Church

“So do Christian writers bite the hand that feeds (or at least nurtures) us? Certainly that danger exists; but writers in the church are also uniquely placed to portray the church in a realistic way.”

Books Besides the Bible: Christ and the Gothic

“Like all fantastic fiction, the Gothic novel at its best serves to expand our imaginations, allowing us to prepare for the unexpected.”

Books Besides the Bible: Is Science Fiction un-Christian?

“[T]he presence of humanity and the prevalence of humanitarian themes throughout the best science fiction stories is not necessarily a denial of human nature, but often an affirmation of the best in us.”

Books Besides the Bible: Grace, Love and Literary Masterpieces

“Beloved books, too, tend to depend heavily on grace.”

Books Besides the Bible: The Case for Franny and Zooey

“Question: do we really need to give teenagers a book [“The Catcher in the Rye”] which is about exactly how teenagers tend to feel? . . . Enter Franny and Zooey. A lesser known Salinger novel[.]”

Books Besides the Bible: NOT Finding God in Literature

“To treat literature as it is (a story) rather than converting it into something it is not (a sermon or a systematic theology) is not to somehow do violence to our worldview or our theology; it is to embrace the fact that in Christ we have the fulfillment of all story.”

Books Besides the Bible: Mornings in Jenin and the Trouble with Meta-Narratives

“Growing up is often a process of realizing that anybody I consider the enemy, anybody I consider different, has reasons for their actions that are just as complex, nuanced, and (to them) justified as my own.”

Books Besides the Bible: Was Battle Royale the Original Hunger Games?

“Takami’s and Collins’s books are both indictments of the complacency necessary to create a culture in which children are regularly murdered and nothing is done to stop it.”

Books Besides the Bible: The Image of Christ in The Hunger Games

“As I read The Hunger Games trilogy, I found it increasingly hard to ignore the number of Christ-symbols that appear throughout.”

Books Besides the Bible: The Fault in Our Stars

“Why would someone from an old-fashioned religion want to read Green’s book? Literature, ultimately, is best at asking questions. The Fault in Our Stars asks the right questions.”