What Memes Mean: Why Memes Are Important (Part 2)

“Each meme we share, whether intentionally or ironically, is at another vote for what Internet culture will become.”

What Memes Mean: Why Memes Are Important (Part 1)

“The memes that fascinate us reveal much about our passions and our values, what we as a culture love and allow—sort of our cultural heart.”

What Memes Mean: ‘Trayvoning’ and the Problem of Irreverent Humor

“If nothing is defined as sacred, eventually nothing will be treated as sacred—in this case, a human life.”

What Memes Mean: Life Moments in Live Lip-Dub

“What is the digital age and meme culture making our moments into?”

What Memes Mean: Ian and Larissa

“We share this video because we still want marriage to work.”

What Memes Mean: Frictionless Sharing, Cool, Annoyance, and Positive Privacy

Frictionless sharing can be problematic because it “takes away the secret place” where our ideas—and our souls—take shape.

What Memes Mean: A Disheartening Meme On Introversion

“Temperament is an integral part of this calling, a fascinating divine ordainment. It is something to be praised, properly understood, and developed, and never an excuse to avoid personal growth.”

What Memes Mean: What If Memes Were Art?

“But the larger idea of ‘beauty’ has an unavoidable element of subjectivity to it in most cases, which is one of the difficulties in defining art as wholly objective.”

What Memes Mean: The Re-Appropriation of Ryan Gosling

“Why do we feel we have the right to re-appropriate anything we want in the digital realm, even an entire person?”

What Memes Mean: Avoiding Scumbag Apologetics

“Quite a few of these photo-caption memes are quite regrettable, even embarrassing.”

What Memes Mean: #Shamrocking McDonald’s Attempt at Forcing Meme

“It appears that meme is something you just can’t force.”

What Memes Mean: #KONY2012 Pt. 2 or What Happened to Jason Russell?

“Why do so many people hate #KONY2012, Jason Russell, and Invisible Children so much?”

What Memes Mean: #KONY2012, an Exercise in Awareness

“Russell is making us face issues most of us would prefer to remain ignorant of.”

The Digital Revolution: Text on a Screen

Reading has never been so convenient, but changes in technology are always more complex than we think.

What Memes Mean: Talking TED on Video Virality

“We have an amazing and unprecedented opportunity to interact with, comment on, and even create culture.”

What Memes Mean: What We All Think We Do…

“This is the problem of living in a world of conjecture — we fall victim to our own conjectures as well”