The Rings of Power Explores Middle-earth’s Second Age with Mixed Results (So Far)

It remains to be seen which of the Rings of Power this new series from Amazon will resemble most.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, CAPC Gave to Me: Twelve Movie Moments

The movies of 2018 were chock-a-block with enchanting shots.

Movies Are Prayers by Josh Larsen, Free for CAPC Members

In Movies Are Prayers, Josh Larsen exemplifies how critical engagement with a film can be an act of neighbor-love.

Love and Friendship : An Ode to the Antihero

While Love and Friendship dishes up the antihero antics with panache, it becomes something truly special when it takes us into unexpected thematic territory.

Screwtape in the Wilderness: The Devil in the Details of ‘Last Days in the Desert’

The Jesus portrayed by Ewan McGregor in the the film ‘Last Days in the Desert’ is a new kind of movie Messiah, taking on an all-too-real kind of Devil.

Stations of Home Alone: Three Ways of Looking at a Scream

Station 4: “Behold our hero squalling into that mirror.”

Sympathetic Horror and the Undead Past in ‘Crimson Peak’

‘Crimson Peak’ features clear heroes and villains in its cast of characters, but the film’s true antagonist, which bedevils hero and villain alike, is the lurking past with its manifold sins.

David Foster Wallace and the Chamber of Secrets

Fame always rested uneasily on David Foster Wallace’s brow. By some accounts he hungered for it, but he was also smart enough to know what that unseemly appetite said about him.

Broadchurch and the Hard Business of the Truth

If there’s another TV mystery whose final reveal of the truth lands with the same crushing impact as this one, then I will readily eat the hat of your choice.

‘The Look of Silence’: A Voice in the Wilderness

‘The Look of Silence’ guides us closer than many of us have ever been to the squirming heart of human evil.

Fleshed Out: The Body and THE FLY

“Who will deliver me from this body of death?”—St. Paul

SNOWPIERCER’s Liturgy of the Machine

If there’s such a thing as an uncanny valley of spirituality, then not only has South Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho discovered it, but his recent film Snowpiercer sets up camp squarely in the center of it.

Big Lizard, Puny Humans: The Scale of GODZILLA

In Godzilla’s world we are dwarfed by beings far greater and older than ourselves, and our own best efforts cannot halt oncoming destruction.

Getting into Deep Water with the Original Godzilla

One of the chief pleasures of the original Godzilla is its ability to keep one scaly foot planted in pulpy entertainment and the other planted in deeper waters.

Where the Stars Are Strange: A Review of Noah

Aronofsky intends to transport his audience to a setting very far removed from the one that they first learned about in Sunday school.

I Am Error: ‘TwitchPlaysPokemon’ and Community

At its core, TwitchPlaysPokemon is a microcosm of the human experience.