The Handmaid’s Tale Evokes a Longing for Peace and Justice

To many, the world of The Handmaid’s Tale looks eerily similar to our contemporary moment.

Attending to the Least of These in the Age of Trump

Even now, those speaking loudest about the Trump tapes seem to overlook the exploited.

‘Making Manifest’: Creative Spiritual Formation, Free for CaPC Members

Making Manifest asks readers to engage in a holistic worship of God–involving mind, body, and spirit–combining devotional practice with imaginative reflection.

His Truth Is Marching On: Selma’s Clarion Call

The saga of Selma echoes its clarion call to Christ’s body today to be faithful heralds of truth and justice, to live and labor in the hope of what we still can’t see except in fleeting glimpses and furtive glances.

Yuletide Intimations of Hope, Untarnished by Our Foibles

In all these Christmas symbols and practices, in all their manifestations and iterations and alterations, we see humanity’s earnest, finite attempts to express the ineffable.

Living in the Not Yet: “Mockingjay – Part 1” as Microcosm of the Fall

What we see through Katniss’s uneasiness in District 13 is the outworking of the Fall, as Adam and Eve’s sin separated them from God but also from each other.

Beyonce Overtakes the Louvre: Making Space for the Other

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s romp through the Louvre, punctuated by pastes and posts to her website, highlights a potentially disturbing trend of our culture.

The Fault in Green’s Story

The Fault in Our Stars portrays spirituality, particularly Christianity, as irrelevant to the brute fact of this fast-fading world rife with sorrow.

What Marilynne Robinson Could Learn From Herself

It’s tempting for me to let the tone of this interview diminish my appreciation for Robinson’s work, but that work is what highlights to me where she falls short in this discussion.

Dubious Depictions of Faithfulness in ‘God’s Not Dead’

The cross Christians are called to take up by ‘God’s Not Dead’ is more akin to a merit badge, a gold star on a class assignment.

“And Death Shall Be No More”: Going beyond Transhumanism for Kids

In ‘Death Is Wrong,’ transhumanist author Gennady Stolyarov II asserts that human beings can and should pursue ways to eradicate death; but only trusting the adequacy of God’s provision can instill a hope for the death of death.

Fine Art’s ‘Ornamental Despair’: Chris Foss, Glenn Brown, and the Question of Artistic Authority

A fuller understanding of Brown’s use of Foss’s work would require first-hand engagement with the painting and training in art history. To do so, however, would require recognizing and accepting our current limitations.

J. K. Rowling: In Praise of Imagination

Through delightful engagement with Harry Potter, readers are pointed to the ultimate reality.

Kurt Vonnegut: Unlikely Apologist

Kurt Vonnegut possesses an honesty that, despite his inability to submit personally to the gospel message, brilliantly proclaims its truth.

Mike Huckabee, Helpless Women, and Straw Men

Straw man arguments like Huckabee’s are easy to knock down, but they are ineffective at seasoning our talk with grace or advancing the public discussion.

Virtual Choices, Real Effects: The Impact of Our Hyperlink Trail

“A world of information at our fingertips seems to offer endless alternatives, an illusion ultimately rendered impossible by the obstinate strictures and constraints of reality.”