The Discordant Heroism of Maestro

Bradley Cooper’s Maestro ultimately tends toward the narcissism of its central character, Leonard Bernstein.

The Holdovers and Christmas Hope

Alexander Payne’s latest film proclaims the chance of finding rest even amidst our deepest sorrows.

Grace Amid Suffering in Martin Scorcese’s Killers of the Flower Moon

To call Martin Scorcese’s latest a masterpiece is merely to note that it’s yet another amid a career scattered with masterpieces.

The Moral Fission of Oppenheimer

It’s fitting that Oppenheimer feels so contradictory, because the film is fascinated by such contradictions.

Davy Chou’s Transcendent Return to Seoul Embodies the Modern Search for Identity

Davy Chou’s film is about lives not lived and not by chance. It’s about the lives we live as we try to define what life means.

You Hurt My Feelings and the Fallout of Little White Lies

Left to our tendencies toward comfort, we often use each other’s love to insulate us from the harshness of the world: we hide behind false encouragements.

White Noise: Modern Rituals and Plastic Wrapped Religion

White Noise skewers our comforts by offering a skewed view of our modern society.

A Hope Beyond Utopia: Rescue, Restoration, and the Flight from North Korea

The documentary follows North Koreans who make the treacherous attempt to flee the country, and the care and sacrifice of those trying to help them escape.

The Fabelmans, Aftersun, and Seeing Our Parents in a Truer Light

At the center of both The Fabelmans and Aftersun are characters reflecting on their childhood, looking to better understand who their parents were.

Kogonada’s After Yang Imagines a Way Beyond Tech Consumerism

After Yang offers a refreshing, compassionate perspective on how technology might make our world more human instead of less.

Intolerable Silence or Uncanny Attention? Memoria and the Nature of Existence

The subterranean dread of Memoria comes from the possibility that our attention may alight on things unexpected, unwanted, and unwelcome.

Keeping Time with Tár and Being Summoned by Your Future Self

Lydia Tár is shaped by the abuses she’s gotten away with and aimed toward a future that sustains the power of her position.