Music Matters: In Search of 90’s CCM that Doesn’t Suck

A search for Contemporary Christian Music from the 1990’s that is aesthetically pleasing and theologically rich.

Music Matters: Death, The End of All Things and Hope Laid Up in the Heavens in Muse’s “Exogenesis Symphony”

Music Matters: David Bowie, Still Not Quite an Atheist

Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway, Their Brutal Detractors, and the Struggle for Identity

“Our grossly inflated perceptions of celebrities as one-dimensional figures are really questions about identity: Are we who people say we are or are we who we say we are?”

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Marcus Mumford: Big Fan of Jesus, But Not Christianity

Music Matters: The Airborne Toxic Event on Struggles This Side of Paradise

The Airborne Toxic Event continues to explore life’s struggles on The Secret EP released March 11th, 2013.

Music Matters: Delighting in Silence

An examination of the importance of silence in connecting with our God.

Music Matters: Instrumental Pop Covers, Classical Mashups and Culture Making

Music Matters: Al Walser, The Heretic of EDM?

It was as perplexing as the 1988 nomination and Grammy win of Jethro Tull’s “Crest of a Nave” album for the best Hard Rock/Metal Performance.

Music Matters: Love, Sex and Transcendence in Pop Music

Now a More Mature Christian, Brian “Head” Welch, Teams up with Korn again

Music Matters: 3 Ways of Looking at Beyonce’s Halftime Show

With the media referring to her and husband Jay-Z as the Obama’s of the entertainment industry, what Beyonce does has huge ramifications on our culture and I hope she makes her choices wisely.

Major Key ‘Losing My Religion’ Is Majorly Lame

Church, Then Lunch, Then Strip Club: Pastoral Failure Laid Bare In Game’s “Jesus Piece”

Game is a tragic figure under the care of a pastor who has failed to present him with biblical Christianity.

Music Matters: The Voice of the Fatherless in Hip-Hop

Let us communicate this truth to the fatherless: your earthly father failed you but our heavenly father never will.