Holy Relics: A Church Softball League Softball

He longs for the grace he knew those years ago when he could run and not grow tired.

Holy Relics: A Box of Tissues

Many others have availed themselves of those super-absorbent and inconsistently lotioned sheets over the years.

Holy Relics: A Connection Card

In those days a decree went out from the Senior Pastor that all the newcomers should be registered.

Holy Relics: An Ichthus Car Sticker

The brazen minivan driver who flaunts his plastic ichthus does so without the specter of his own dismemberment looming in his mind.

Holy Relics: A Plastic Communion Cup

Cheap and disposable, they end up ribbing the outsides of full trash bags the Monday after communion Sunday.

Holy Relics: A Plan of Salvation Bead Bracelet

Christ the Word is hidden in these plastic rings, his work parceled into color-coded units and translated into a wordless language.

Holy Relics: The Church Pew

Our ecclesiology is written into the church pew.

Holy Relics: A Youth Group Lock-In Flashlight

Where were you when the youth pastor announced the lock-in,

and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

Holy Relics: Christian Email Sign-Offs

Part of identifying with a faith such as ours is an acceptance of the idiom, of all the community’s idiosyncratic terms and symbols.

Holy Relics: The Christian Flag

If one’s eyes go crosswise during a lengthy sermon, it’s not unlikely that the Christian and American flags set next to one another will bleed together into a red, white, and blue smudge.

Holy Relics: The Offering Plate

Each dollar in the plate is a gesture at bringing the logic of capital under another logic entirely, one that upends power and wealth and presumes to make the last first.

Holy Relics: Church Basement Coffee

“What is this mystical drink, this gift of God to the people of God?”

Holy Relics: A Christian Stand-Up Comedy Special

“Some say “I follow Peter,” and others say “I follow Apollos.” Well, here are a few guys whose hearts are sold out for comedy alone. Soli commedia gloria.”

Holy Relics: A Youth Group Anti-Onanism Game Plan

Every Wednesday in Holy Relics, Martyn Jones explores artifacts unique to Christian subculture. This week: self-pleasure accountability groups.

Holy Relics: The Pastor’s Microphone Headset

With hands free, the body is free to emphasize just how much the truth has set one free.

Holy Relics: Testamints, for Fresh Breath and Clean Souls

While their decontextualized bits of scripture might not add nuance or depth to a person’s faith, the momentary reminder they offer of God’s promises to his Church is not a bad thing.