CAPC Magazine Issue 1 of 2021: Renewal

We’re three months into 2021. Is it everything you hoped? Or nothing like you dreamed? For many of us, the excitement has worn off, and the hard work of renewal has begun.

Call for Pitches: Renewal

Write for our digital magazine! Submit a pitch by 1/25 for a feature article on the theme of renewal.

CAPC Magazine Issue 4 of 2020: Traditions

In this year’s final issue of Christ and Pop Culture Magazine, our authors look to classic Christmas tales, newer interpretations of favorite stories, and unlikely holiday viewing choices to remind us of the intangible truths wrapped up in our Christmas traditions.

Call for Pitches: Traditions

Write for our digital magazine! Submit a pitch by 12/4 for a feature article on the theme of traditions.

CAPC Magazine Issue 3 of 2020: Stories

Good stories point us to Christ—to who He is, what He loves, what He’s done, and what He’s yet to do.

CAPC Magazine Issue 2 of 2020: Wrestling Time

In this issue of Christ and Pop Culture Magazine, we take a look at humanity’s efforts to turn back and fast forward time, often to alleviate our own immediate suffering.

Netflix’s (Un)Well and Our Misplaced Search to End Suffering

God wants us to care for the bodies that He has given us, but He also wants us to care for our friends and our families, and to live in community with others. Often, wellness trends have the propensity to drive us away from such community.

As I Recall by Casey Tygrett, Free for CAPC Members

Casey Tygrett encourages us to see that every memory—when we engage it in the presence of Jesus—belongs to our lives, and to our story.

Knock Down the House and Our View of the Political Millieu

Knock Down the House provides real-life glimpses of what we love most about our favorite political dramas.

The Christ and Pop Culture 25 of 2018: #15 to #11

A list of our favorite things from 2018, from #15 to #11.

Remember Death by Matthew McCullough, Free for CAPC Members

Matthew McCullough suggests that death awareness allows us to find joy in the problems of this world.

The World Cup Offers Americans a Lesson in Virtue

America’s absence from this year’s World Cup prompts us to look beyond ourselves.