Art. What Is It Good For?

And just as there is no one purpose for our most common and immediate medium of expression, the voice, there is likewise no one purpose for art. Art, after all, is merely voice through another medium.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, CAPC Gave to Me: Seven Graphic Novels

Seven graphic novel recommendations that reflect some small segment of the morass of social issues many of our readers faced, explored, or at least were cognizant of in 2018.

10. Pope Francis: “He Does Normal Christian Stuff” #CaPC25

A lot of good people wonder how one could live the Christian life in a Christian way if one somehow had celebrity sprung upon oneself.

25. From Up on Poppy Hill: “Argued More From the Heart” #CaPC25

Here’s a Gift Idea: Great Graphic Novels for Kids

Celebrating C.S. Lewis: “The Shoddy Lands”

“The lesson is that we should be mindful of the things, people, and ideas in which we invest ourselves.”

Want to Love Your Neighbor? Read Fiction.

” In literature, through a subtle mystery, we become other people while remaining ourselves.”

ELSEWHERE: Star Trek and Racebending

Good OK-Drama: Love Rain

Our Favorite Graphic Novels of 2012

Christ and Pop Culture’s resident Illustrator, Seth Hahne, shares six must-read graphic novels from the past year.

Good OK-Drama: Coffee Prince

Good OK-Drama: Queen In Hyun’s Man

The Televangelists: Revenge of the City Hunter

“What begins as the template for any knock-off revenge thriller playing to a tired old formula soon establishes itself as having very different goals.”

Our Ten Favorite Graphic Novels of 2011

CaPC’s illustrator, Seth Hahne, shares his favorite examples of a burgeoning medium.

The Burden of Thankfulness

How can we be thankful when that which we’re thankful for may have been the cause of someone else’s suffering?

Footnotes in the Sand

Guest writer, Seth T. Hahne demonstrates how Joe Sacco’s new book strips Gaza to reveal a most disconcerting truth about the problem in Palestine.