When Your Calling Falls Through: A Theology of Place

When you are so certain about God’s calling on your life, what should you do when such things do not come to pass?

Learning to See Our Cultural Gospel

“We Are Not Past Race”: An Interview With Trillia Newbell

We talked to Trillia Newbell about her new book, United, and her vision for race relations in the church.

How The Lego Movie Helped Me Overcome Fantastical Disappointment

I was disappointed in The LEGO Movie reveal because, at times, I’m disappointed in myself.

How the Church Resegregated Schools in the South

We like to imagine segregation is ancient history. Tyler Glodjo reminds us it’s not.

Marijuana Legalization in Black and White: The Racial Cost of the Status Quo

While it may seem quite simple that Christians should be against legalization, are we willing to accept that there may be serious costs to its prohibition as well?

12. Boxers & Saints: “Stirring Up Empathy For Those on Both Sides” #CaPC25

14. Lorde – Pure Heroine: “Lingers and Demands Contemplation” #CaPC25

An honest commentary on the invisible void often accompanied by youthful dreaming and indulgence.

23. Disunity in Christ: “A Prophetic Breath of Fresh Air” #CaPC25

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson on Homosexuality: Abusing the Yuck Factor

Let’s go on and start loving each other, Phil. And let’s begin by being slow-to-speak and choosing our words wisely.

Facebook “Likes” Aren’t Enough, But Would a “Sympathize” Button Make it Worse?

How much sympathy can a click even give?