Letter from the Editor

Our nation just turned a year older. We celebrated Independence Day in our usual way: with flags and parades, fireworks and picnics. These traditions remind us of the freedoms we enjoy and stir our gratitude for those who made it possible.

In the midst of our celebrations, Christians have another country to consider, for we are truly citizens of another Kingdom. And so, we are left to wrestle out a balance between our national patriotism and Kingdom devotion.

This issue of Christ and Pop Culture Magazine is full of features and curated articles that speak to this tension.

Rebecca Florence Miller helps us sort through the fray in her feature, Of Gods and Men: Being a Nation of Christians, Not a ‘Christian Nation’.” Using the 2010 film Of Gods and Men, Miller gently and convincingly calls Christians “back into biblical discipleship and away from the idols of cultural and political control.”

In America the Foreign Land?” Greg Hoadley brings a reasoned approach to our nation’s history and future with a solid appeal from Scripture.

These thoughtful articles will help us find the balance we need to live as sojourners in this land of the free and home of the brave.