“I’m Still Here”: Stranger Things 4, “Running Up that Hill,” and Killing Monsters

Stranger Things has always been about recalling people to life—about fighting for your life and others’ lives.

Everything Sad Is Untrue: Scheherezade and Rivers of Blood

It is a thousand and one stories woven together in a tapestry, a Persian rug, of beauty.

“The Eleventh Hour”: Faith Like a Child in Doctor Who‘s Good Fairytale

“The Eleventh Hour” shows us that sometimes having faith like a child awakens belief when all else fails.

Abbott Elementary: Cultivating Permanence in Impermanent Spaces

Abbott Elementary reminds us that the impermanent houses the eternal.

Volodymyr Zelensky at the Bridge: The Costly Virtue of Heroism in the Real World

We don’t have any stories of heroes without heroes in real life.

The Book of Boba Fett Recap: Better than Bad (Episode 7)

I thought the show would only succeed once Boba Fett expands his table. It turns out, the showrunners thought the same thing.

Myth, Mountains, and Mysticism: Till We Have Faces and Christian Storytelling

Till We Have Faces expresses the way in which Christian storytelling at its best has the potential to work upon people.

The Book of Boba Fett ‌‌Recap:‌ And Now For Something Completely Different ‌(Episode‌s 5 & 6)‌ ‌

The people at Lucasfilm squeezed the epilogue of The Mandalorian’s second season into The Book of Boba Fett’s first.

The Book of Boba Fett ‌‌Recap:‌ The Market Made Me Do It ‌(Episode‌s 3 & 4)‌

Cast down the mighty. Send the rich away. Four episodes in, we’ve got our plot now.

The Book of Boba Fett ‌‌Recap:‌ Who’s the Boss? ‌(Episode‌s 1 & 2)‌ ‌

Maybe this boss in a galaxy far, far away will actually get it right where others got it wrong.

A Long Troll in the Wrong Direction: Déjà Vu and “Resurrecting” The Matrix

Stories that don’t end hint that the storyteller is writing aimlessly into the void, and they trap the audience in the world of the story.

Hawkeye ‌‌Recap:‌ Dawn of Justice ‌(Episode‌s 5 & 6)‌

The Hawkeye Scrooge faced his past, burned the suit, and gained something of a daughter in the process.

Spider-Man: No Way Home and Stories of Hopeful Restoration

Even criminals deserve a chance at redemption, and there is always hope where there is new life.

Hawkeye ‌‌Recap:‌ Out for Blood ‌(Episode‌s 3 & 4)‌ ‌

It’s an almost impossible task, to give up your right to another’s life.

A Castle for Christmas: Netflix, Hallmark, and the “Christmas Rom-Com” of Advent

A Castle for Christmas is hopeful in the same way that Advent is a season of hope.

Hawkeye ‌‌Recap:‌ I Could Do This All Day! ‌(Episode‌s 1 & 2)‌ ‌

Now that Ronin is “out there” again, Clint can’t let the wrath reserved for Ronin fall on someone else, let alone a kid who needs his help.