Solidarity, BBC Dad

BBC Dad started that interview as an expert on Korean politics, but he ended it as Every Parent Ever.

In Arrival, Language Is the Name of the Game

Arrival paints a clear picture of how important language is to forming and sustaining societies.

American Evangelicals Need Leaders Like Russell Moore

Russell Moore and the ERLC represent some of the best of what evangelicals can do to represent the life-giving truth of the Gospel.

School Choice and Communal Responsibility

School Choice means that some kids might get left behind. Are we really okay with that?

Worship Music: What Is It Good For?

Ideally, it seems, worship music should be written and performed by attractive young people sporting angular haircuts, tight T-shirts, and tattoos.

Mad Men: Only Connect

Mad Men shows us how a technology like television can be an isolating force or one that gives us, as a culture, something to talk about and ponder and discuss.

The Unattainable Good Life of Elliot Rodger

Elliot wanted the Good Life that has been officially sanctioned, marketed, and promoted by our culture.

Lord Willing: The Future of Christ and Pop Culture and Your Place In It

Christ and Pop Culture Memberships are a unique opportunity for you to become a crucial and invested part of this outlet by directly supporting our work.

When Your Calling Falls Through: A Theology of Place

When you are so certain about God’s calling on your life, what should you do when such things do not come to pass?

Reconsidering the Gun Raffle: A Talk with “2nd Amendment Celebration” Pastor, Chuck McAlister

McAlister feels that his calling is deeply rooted in the needs of a particular population, and we must not, in our eagerness to condemn one pastor’s tactics, overlook the necessity of concern for them as well.

Dubious Depictions of Faithfulness in ‘God’s Not Dead’

The cross Christians are called to take up by ‘God’s Not Dead’ is more akin to a merit badge, a gold star on a class assignment.

Farewell Evangelicalism? Not So Fast

Post-evangelicals are still operating within evangelical paradigms.

The Disappearance of Mozilla’s CEO: A Reminder of the Need for Tough, Expensive Grace

The Eich controversy is a firm reminder of the necessity for tough, expensive grace in our lives, relationships, and conversations, especially when it comes to such heated issues as gay marriage and LGBT rights.

Where the Stars Are Strange: A Review of Noah

Aronofsky intends to transport his audience to a setting very far removed from the one that they first learned about in Sunday school.

Are We All Just Fred Phelps Fundamentalists?

If we’re not careful, we can fall into the trap of so polarizing ourselves against the tribe we disagree with, we can’t even bring ourselves to admit we worship the same Savior.

Were 33 Christians in North Korea Really Up For Execution?

When it comes to North Korea and viral news stories, how do we separate fact from fiction?